Names For Girls That Can’t be Shortened

Names For Girls That Can’t be Shortened

If you want to make sure your little one’s name won’t be turned into a nickname that you’re not keen on, there are many names to choose from that no matter how hard you try, can’t be shortened.

Mia, Ava, Grace and Isla are all lovely examples that have proved ever popular over the past few years and currently reside in the top ten of the most popular baby names amongst our members.

Colour-based names can also work well, with Scarlett, Rose, Amber and Cherry all near on impossible to shorten.

Or how about taking a leaf out of the bible, with names like Faith, Hope, Charity, Mary or even Eden? 

Other names that need to be said in full are: Faye, Heidi, Seren, Summer, Maria, Aaliyah, Sienna and Brooke.  

Bounty’s most popular names that can’t be shortened

1 Mia
2 Ava
3 Grace
4 Isla
5 Evie
6 Ella
7 Millie
8 Eva
9 Scarlett
10 Erin




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