Names For Girls Ending in an ee sound

Names For Girls Ending in an ee sound

There is a clear trend emerging for fashionable, feminine two syllable names ending in an ‘ee’ sound, such as Ellie, Lacey, Pheobe, Aimee, or Katie.

One celebrity who has certainly helped these to grow in popularity is Britain’s Got Talent Judge, Amanda Holden, after naming her two little girls Lexi and Hollie.

Often names that are spelt with a ‘y’ at the end can be altered to an ‘ie’ like Molly/Mollie, Milly/Millie, Holly/Hollie and Lilly/Lillie.

Alternatively, you could always choose what would traditionally have been used as a nickname of a well-loved name to make it sound more modern. How about turning Matilda into Tilly, naming her Ellie instead of Eleanor, Izzy rather than Isabel, or choosing Evie over Evelyn.

A lot of the pretty, flower themed names tend to end in an ‘ee’ sound with Poppy, Daisy, Lily, Rosie, Ivy all making popular options for girls.

Esme is also a stylish choice, perhaps due to the character in the popular teen vampire Twilight series. Or how about Amelie - a French name, which means hardworking and industrious and grew in popularity after the release of the whimsical French film of the same name.

Bounty’s most popular ‘ee’ sounding names

1 Lily
2 Sophie
3 Emily
4 Ruby
5 Chloe
6 Evie
7 Lucy
8 Daisy
9 Maisie
10 Ellie

Other more unusual ‘ee’ sounding names include: Hattie, Halle, Mallorie, Leonie and Elsie.



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