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1 month old baby

Your baby

A big welcome to your new arrival! You’ve waited a long time to meet your baby face to face.

Your baby may be covered in lanugo - soft hair all over their body. But, don’t worry this will disappear soon.

Don’t be surprised if your baby has blue eyes, as they are still developing. Your baby’s eye colour won’t be fully matured until they are a year old.

To begin with, your baby’s poo will be quite dark in colour, as they pass meconium, from the amniotic fluid he swallowed in your tummy.

Make sure your support your baby’s head as you hold them. With no strength in the neck muscles, the head will be very heavy, so they will need some help.


You may feel on top of the world one minute, and overwhelmed the next. Don’t worry, you’ll soon settle into a pattern and learn how to respond to your baby’s cries. Still nervous about looking after your baby? Soon you’ll be holding, bathing and nappy changing like a pro.

Try to get as much skin to skin contact as you can manage, even if you’ve had a Caesarean birth. It’s a great way to start Bonding with your baby, even if its stroking their hand.

Breastfeeding your baby is especially beneficial in the first few days before you begin to produce milk. The first few days you’ll be giving them colostrum which has essential nutrients and antibodies, to help protect your baby from illness.

What to think about

Apgar tests will be carried out within the first 24 hours, to make sure your baby is adapting well to life outside the womb and is receiving any medical attention they need.

If you feel apprehensive about how you should feed your baby, speak to a breastfeeding counsellor or midwife, who will be happy to help.

Your baby is unlikely to sleep through the night just yet, but it’s never too early to establish a night-time routine such as a bath followed by a feed. As you get to know each other, you will begin to recognise their needs when they cry but it can be quite stressful until then. If you think you’re struggling to cope, make sure you talk to someone.


 Top tips on looking after your little one in the early weeks.
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What to expect from your 2 month old baby
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Get organised

Don't forget to register your baby's birth within 40 days, and apply for child benefit


month old baby boy

My son is a month old in 2days love him soo much and his big sis and bro very very proud mummy <3

Hi, My Babys a Month a 9days

Hi, My Babys a Month a 9days old. Love having him around now. My Little Man Was 2Months Early.

free book

Anyone else finding it hard to get their free book? amazing baby black and white!!


hi can anyone advise if you should be waking a baby to breastfeed? we were advised to feed every 3-4 hours however my 11 day old is sometimes still sleeping so we wake him even at night, change his nappy and feed him..... thks

My baby need a boo

Hi my baby is 6 weeks old and the last tow days he just can not do his boo and he is not feeding as he would and crying as he has a full belly my pore little man.i would like to know what i can give him to get things moving again

Tough cookie

Sleep in seperate rooms occasionally. If you can.

Post Natal Depression

Any Forums? Lainey that's feeding on demand!

Husband returning to work

Hi everyone, Our LO is almost 6 weeks old and daddy is due to return to work next week. Its been great having him at home, especially since I had a CS and struggled with heavy stuff and stairs, etc. OH drives for a living and is up for work at 4.45am. LO is still in our room and wakes at approx midnight til 1.30am. Im worried this is going to disturb OH's sleep and because of what he does for a job, I'm worried sick he will fall asleep at the wheel. Any suggestions? x


Hello there, my LO is ten days old and have noticed past couple of days she feeds for much shorter periods, roughally around 10 mins per feed every coupl eof hours. Is this normal. Thanks


Hello there, my LO is ten days old and have noticed past couple of days she feeds for much shorter periods, roughally around 10 mins per feed every coupl eof hours. Is this normal. Thanks

had my 3rd child on 6th

had my 3rd child on 6th december, 2 days early was so pleased didnt think i was in labour till my partner persuaded me to go to hospital and they said i was 5cm dialated, was so surprised and she was my easiest, she was born at 11:46pm weighing 7lb 14 1/2 oz :)

I had my second daughter on

I had my second daughter on 28th December 2011, she was induced 2 weeks early as there were several complications in my pregnancy - but i couldn't have asked for such a well behaved baby

i had my first baby on the

i had my first baby on the 10th december 2011, little boy called dexter. he was 2 and a bit weeks early, contractions started in the morning and by the afternoon i will nearly there, got to the hospital just before 4 o'clock and he was born by 5:45, weighted 5lb 4oz, he was tiny but purfect in every way.

i had my first bubba on 29th

i had my first bubba on 29th November, little girl called Avalon-Rose. she was a week late and had to be coaxed out with a membrane sweep (uuuunpleasant!) contractions started almost immediately though and 26hrs later (3 of which were purely pushing) she was born! weighing a pretty whopping 9lb 9oz, especially considering i'm only 9 and a half stone myself! strangest and most wonderful experience of my life. i had planned to have as natural a birth as possible but had pethadine after 16hrs, tried gas and air at 19hrs but hated it and had an (unsuccessful) epidural at 22hrs soo..ended up having the natural birth i'd hoped for (minor assistance in the form of 3 people pulling her out when her shoulders got stuck haha!) my personal highlight of labour (is there such a thing?!) was a group of midwives asking if i had hypno-birthing classes as they were so impressed with my control during contractions. i then spent the rest of the night having midwives congratulating me on avoiding a c-section/ventouse/episiotomy with such a giant baby! so i felt like a bit of a superwoman...couldn't sit down for 2 weeks though mind you. and i couldn't have cared less! she's beautiful.

Gave birth 2 my first baby on

Gave birth 2 my first baby on 12th april 2010 she weighed 7lb11oz had her naturally in labour 4 jus 3 hours n 45 mins she was worth the wait n the pain even thoe she was a 1 week late. Gave birth 2 my secend baby little boy on 14th nov 2011 he weighed 7lb6oz had him naturally was in labour wiv him 4 jus 2 hours 20 mins only 2 push 3 times n he arrived. He was breech wen i went in 2 labour but he turned at the very last min as i was bouncing on the big ball my midwife gave me so i do blieve that wen they say your secend is quicker it is.... Good luck 2 all them mums 2 be out there.

my second son was born on 8th

my second son was born on 8th dec at 2:13am weighing 7lb 4oz and like my first son he put me through 2 days of labour but im jus happy i didnt have to have a c-section again, but i do feel sorry my nephew coz he's havin to share his bday wiv my little boy.


Octavia was born at 26 weeks and 2 days on the 15th November 2011. She is now still in the neonatal unit in wales. Shes doing well,she was born by emergency c-section. She weighed 1lb 8 oz at birth and now she weighs 1lb 15oz.

My first baby was born 8th

My first baby was born 8th December 2011 weighing 4lb 13.5oz as he was 7 weeks early but hes doin well :) the best thing in the world, gas and air to deliver born at 03.10 so a nice early morning after 25hrs of trying to stop labour lol Congrats to all the other new mums and mums to be :)

my little man decided to come

my little man decided to come 9 days early and be a halloween baby weighing in at 6lb 12oz

i am 20 years old and have

i am 20 years old and have been married for 1 year and 6 months and 6 days and now had my first baby on 26th october 2011. it was a boy and weighed 6pounds and 11 ounces. he is absolutely beautiful and adorable. he smiles in his sleep nearly all the time, which i find so sweet.My husband absolutely loves the baby and was so excited for his arrival. i was in labour for 2 hours and 45 mins and had him at 5 30 in the morning. totally natural birth and no pain relief at all.

First baby born on September

First baby born on September 4th 2009 weighing in at 7lb exactly. My gorgeous daughter :) second baby born September 9th 2011, 7lb 8oz, a beautiful little boy :) With my daughter I had the epidural but I really wanted to try a water birth this time around and ended up not wanting to have any pain relief, so ended up with a completely natural water birth. I was really pleased I managed to do it since I have such a low pain threshold!! My partner was absolutely amazing all the way through and tended to my every need, and I am so grateful to him! He is the best, and forgave me for almost dragging him into the pool with me as I grabbed him whilst I pushed! I will admit though, as much as I 'thoroughly enjoyed' feeling every bit of my sons enormous head being born, it was worth not slowing down the labour with pain relief! My daughter wasn't born until 17 hours after arriving at the hospital, my son, just 3! I am very proud of my children and think they are the most beautiful creatures in the world :) I love them very much.

Gave birth 2 my 1st baby on

Gave birth 2 my 1st baby on the 28th of august at 22:45. she weighed 8lb 6oz+i had 2 av an emergency caesarean. she was breached with her feet by her ears! when they wer giving me the epidural i was 8cm dilated+having contractions every minute so very hard not 2 move! was in labour for 24 hrs in total. my baby has ddh which means coz she was so badly breached her legs can dislocate from the hip socket coz it didnt av a chance 2 form properly. shes now gota wear a harness for 12 weeks 2 stop her legs from dislocating. shes so beautiful+wonderful. definitely worth all the pain of labour. love her soo much that i cant imagine my life wivout her! couldnt of coped wivout my fiance! love u 2 bits hunxxxx

My first, baby girl born on

My first, baby girl born on 3rd of Aug 2011. weighted 7.11pounds. i put on 50pounds in total. More excuse to buy new clothes.. :P CONGRATS TO ALL NEW MOM'S OUT THERE. :-)

gave birth to a gawjuss

gave birth to a gawjuss little boy on the 20th july at 2.35 i n the afternoon by c-section was induced as my waters went days previous and contractions didnt start, when they did get going was in labour for 57 hours, asked for epidural didnt work so was repeated twice still only numbed one leg and was getting bad contractions down the over leg, started to push at 9 in the morning as was told that i was 10 cm dialated but he wasnt budging so was taking into theatre to have forsips or vontuse cap but when they did the examination in theatre they said i wasnt even dialated so they gave me a spinal cord epidural and gave me a c-section and then my little man arrived weighin 8lb 7oz and was 2 weeks 3 days early and still recovering now nearly 6 weeks on, but he was all worth it my lovely little bundle of joy is getting more and more gawjuss as the days go by and he is growing nicely. enjoying motherhood very much and our little family couldnt be happier. charlene (Dover, Kent).. xx


Just joined bounty as on 14th August 2011 I gave birth to my first baby, a little girl. Fleur Ann weighed in at 7lb 3oz and arrived 9 days earlier and after a 2 1/2 hour labour! Quite shocked and surprised by how early and quick she was. All very happy and now adjusting to life as a family of 3. :-). Michelle (Maidstone, Kent)

my grandson

congratulations mandy on the birth of my 1st grandson jensen edward born 2nd of august he is so beautiful x

had gave birth to my baby boy

had gave birth to my baby boy devaj on 6th of july .healthy ,lovely and cute

had gave birth to my baby boy

had gave birth to my baby boy devaj on 6th of july .healthy ,lovely and cute

had my gorgeous little boy,

had my gorgeous little boy, leo_otto, on 29th july weighing 6lb 9oz

Had my gorgeous little girl,

Had my gorgeous little girl, Jasmine, on 25th July weighing 8lb 15oz after a 3 1/2 hour labour!! We are both doing well apart from some slight problems with breastfeeding but we are seeking help with that. Big brother is doting on her and our family is complete.

Had my 3rd and last child 1st

Had my 3rd and last child 1st july 2011, had a boy weighing in at 8lb 5 1/2oz, didnt need any pain relief as only in labour for 24 mins, no stitches either, so thats 3 easy births for me (1st 37 mins, 2nd 26mins) but had a terrible pregnancy this time and was in a wheelchair from 22 weeks due to spd, been advised not to have anymore from physio for my own health and mobility, but im happy with my family and OH is awaiting the big op lol xxx

I had given birth to a very

I had given birth to a very healthy baby boy called Jasiah he was born on June 8th 2011 weighing 8lb13. He was over due by four days. I had a natural birth but had a few complications after birth. I would love to have another child in the next few years....love my new joy...love my new family....xxxx

Gave birth to my baby boy

Gave birth to my baby boy Henry on Wednesday 6th July 5 weeks 2 days early. He weighed in at 5lb 15oz and didnt require any special care. We came home on Sunday as i had to have a cesarean to remove a large cyst and be sterilised at the same time. I lost 1100mls of blood but am recovering well. Im breast feeding and its going well, he feeds every 2 hours. My family is complete now xxx

Just had my beautiful baby

Just had my beautiful baby girl on the 11th of june there and everything went well,no pain relief and no stitches!ive already got a 3year old girl who loves her baby sister to bits.Although she started acting up at first shes starting to adjust now.Love my family to bits!xxx

does my baby have thursh.

does my baby have thursh. what do i look out for and what do i use

A baby boy :)

Just had my baby boy, on Saturday. Everything went very well, was at home already on Sunday and happily recovering and adjusting to the new change. I have already a little girl, who is 3 years old and who is amazingly getting used to her little baby boy - daddy got his wish list complete, one each - happy family :)


well. my baby boy came 3 weeks early. was not quite ready, but have loved every second of the past week with my gorgeous boy. Daddy has been wonderful and a great help. 2 Great men in my life now, couldnt wish for anything better!!

my baby boy is 4 weeks old

my baby boy is 4 weeks old today, he not take milk a lot at a time, what's should i do??


i am so sorry to hear this deepest sympathys x

Hi nataliemackay, I am sorry

Hi nataliemackay, I am sorry that you have had problems. Please email customerservices@bounty.com and they will be able to help you.

bounty pictures

i want to c my bounty pictures an they got the wrong email address an i lost my security pin arrrrrrrr

my baby boy

my baby boy

wrong baby birth date

pls my baby is 6 weeks old this week and not 7weeks.my baby's birthdate is 20th march 2011.pls correct the mistake.thanks


i am a 15 yar old teenage mum and i have learnt alot off this website i only have 13 weeks to go and cant wait now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thankyou

stillborn baby

last monday i delivered a stillborn baby girl by c-section,i was overdue,on last monday i went in hospital for monitoring,but the consultant declared the baby had died,it was the terrible moment of my life,i have lost everything i have had

I Wasn't Given My Newborn Bounty Pack!!

i wanted my newborn essentials bounty pack but i can't get it at boots and the bounty lady didn't give me one. what will i do?