5 months old

What's happening this month...

Your baby

Your baby might start to lift their arms when they want to you pick them up, and they will enjoy splashing in the bath now. They may be able to sit when supported – and it won’t be long until they’re doing it on their own.

Your baby's ability to show emotion is developing.  You may find you know all about it when they are happy, angry or even bored, but their ability to show love and humour is also now starting to develop and they may start to give you kisses and hugs.

Is your baby starting to babble?  Rapidly developing communication skills mean you may be in for lots of squeals and gurgles!  You can encourage this by talking back to them, and keeping the conversation going.

Find out more about your 5 month old baby's development here.


You might be feeling more like your old self again now and could be making plans to return to work. Plus, you might have noticed some of the baby weight starting to disappear, and could even be getting a bit more sleep at night!

After a few weeks of interrupted sleep you may find your baby is starting to settle into a pattern - or not!  A bed-time routine can make night time easier for the whole family, so find out how to go about it here.

If you feel you're not coping well, don't suffer in silence.  Postnatal depression affects women from all walks of life, but there is lots of support available so if you're worried, speak to your GP as soon as possible to start getting the help and support you need.

What to think about

As you get used to being three, not two, make sure you find some time just for you and your partner.  You don't have to paint the town red, but a bit of time out together can work wonders - here are a few ideas.

What to expect from your 6 month old baby
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 Get organised

Your baby won’t need solid foods for another few weeks, but you can start thinking ahead.


my lil boy is 5 months old an

my lil boy is 5 months old an e is very active e sleeps through d day an plays up at nyt es in his walker an is very gdgd on is legs very strong e babbles all d tym an always wakes up wiv a big smile every morning which i love es bin teething now for a good few months now an nothing as cme threw e is also holding a bottle on is own i love im so much xxxx

weaning and stopped taking food

My baby is 5 month old, she has been having breakfast for a while now and tea but all of a sudden she has gone off her food. I have tried buying different flavours of powder food that you add water too (cow & gate 4-6m). Any ideas suggestions please ??? xx

WOW! Reading all your

WOW! Reading all your comments makes me think my lil one is smaller than the average (When before i thought he was huge!!) He is 5months and weighs 16lb 10oz when i had him weighed last week, he has been having breakfast since he was 6weeks old as he slept through the night and his bottles were not satisfying him in the mornings. He is now having breakfast lunch and dinner with 2 puddings and a bottle before bed around 730. He has been teething since around 7weeks but still not pierced the skin although i can see they are very close, how long does it take for their first teeth to pierce??

My son was 5 months old on

My son was 5 months old on the 19th; he’s on 3 meals a day now as he’s 25lbs and 74cm long. Was only 6lb 13oz born though! he can roll from one side of the room to the other and change direction he’s trying to crawl but hasn’t worked out that he need to raise his belly for that also he can sit up without support only for about 5 seconds. He sleeps from 19.00-05.30 has a bottle and goes back to sleep until 8.15. he’s always chatting to himself and anything he sees, he can handle small and large objects tries to put everything in to his mouth and can hold his own bottle he’s teething but none have come through yet, the only problem is he still has 5x8oz bottles 3 meals and 2 puddings (meal would be the size of a whole jar and a whole jar of pudding) he also has loads of water, is this too much food! If I don’t give him as much he will wake through the night so I give in then anyway, any help please?

I had my little girl weighed

I had my little girl weighed last week (she is 5months+1) and they said she was 19lb 1oz and she was born 6lb 14oz. But we had to start weaning her at 17wks as she was taking hardly any milk at all but she would take solids. do you think this is too big for a 5 month old xxx

teeth and weight

my little girl is 5 1/2 months old now and has 2 teeth all ready is this normal ? she is all ready weened as i was giving her 8oz of milk every 4 hours but then her last feed would be 2300 hrs and she would sleep through the night till maybe 8 or 9 in the morning so we decided that she needed more however our baby girl is 74cm long which makes her 2ft5 and she weighs 17.2 and the health visitors keep telling me she needs to be evaluated is this normal xxx

HI,my son Shazil is 22 weeks

HI,my son Shazil is 22 weeks old now,i recently weighed him n he was 7.2 kgs(15.8 1bs).i was a bit worried thinking he is not gaining weight properly..is this a normal weight for a 5 mnths old boy.please suggest..!!thanks

My little girl 5 months old

My little girl 5 months old and she is still sleep with me and my husband.I can,t sleep without her.

My Baby

I have a little boy who is 5 month old, he is ver twisty all the time because hes tired, but he wont go to sleep throughout the day, and stays up till quite late at night the little buggar, could someone help me please, how can i get him to have naps?

Breast to Bottle

I have a 5 month old baby girl and have been trying for the past 6 weeks to get her to take the bottle. I have used Tommy Tippee, Advent and Nam bottles, have used SMA, Aptimil, Hip Organic but have decided to stick to Aptimil. Each day is the same thing fussing and fighting and refusing the bottle. I had a little breakthrough about 2 weeks ago where she was taking the bottle but this has stopped now. I have started her on solids so she is only having breast at night now and first thing in morning. I will be going back to work in 1 month's time so keen to get her on the bottle and also tohave a break so family can help out too....any suggestions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

my little boy has been having

my little boy has been having green poo's for a week now is tht normal?? i am feeding him sma formula milk number 1 in the day and myself at the night time, is this a problem that will rectify itself?? x

my little girl is 5 and a

my little girl is 5 and a half months now and weighs 14lb she was two months premature and weighed 3lb6 at birth. the doctors said she will be a lot behing other babys in progress but she has caught up so well and doing most of the stuff written above shes always babbleing and giggles. shes just not sitting up yet but trying very hard ! its very reasuring to read this to know she not far behind other babys her age. x

Babys weight at 5 mths

Helo my son is 5 mths old now and i went and got him weighed and measured, he now weighs 21lb and is 71 cms in length, people keep telling me he is rather big 4 his age but i dont think so (mayb because hes my 1st) i had a normal delivery, a pool birth and jst gas and air he was 9lb 14oz born so big from the start, hes on 6, 7oz bottles aswell as his 3 jars of baby food and his fruit he loves bananas xx


My little girl is 19 weeks old and has been sleeping in her own room now for the past month which is great because she used to sleep in with me and my partner which i no is not a good idea i am just glad she has settled in her own cot in her own room and sleeps through till about half seven which is great :) lol x

my daughter is 5months old

my daughter is 5months old now and has been sleping through the night since she was 1 and a half weeks old...she has been able to support her own head pretty much from birth and she is now almost rolling over and can sit up with a little support..she doesnt seem to want to sit up much she would rather hold our hands and jump to her feet and loves taking little steps, she just always wants to be on the go..i have to say w have been very lucky as she hardly ever cries and is such a happy go lucky little girl.

babymoments about fivemonth

thanks for ur baby momentstips

my little boy is 3 and a half

my little boy is 3 and a half months old, he can sit up when supported, and reaches out for cuddles also. plus he babbles, and squeals alot.


my little boy had bcg injection when he was 1 day old. it was very sore lookin and when it got wet u could see it was full of puss, i didnt want to mess with it so i just left it. then a few days later his arm had a small amount of dry blood on it where it had burst. it has now started to heal and doesnt look as sore. i wouldnt advice popping or squeezing it but my sons is a lot better since it burst.


have really bad epilepsy only during pregnancy does anyone else have same problem ?

starting on soilds

can breastfed baby's start solid's early then 6 months,then bottlefed babys?

bcg reactions

my 5 month old had his bcg 10 weeks ago and its still not healed it looks very sore and infected anyone else have this problem?

daddys !

hey i have a 21 week old baby ! i just dont feel like am getting a lot of help from my boyfriend, i see him weekends but he dont really wanna help like washing bottles, feeding, changing, bathing. he does like to play with the baby and i just feel like he shud do a litte more, i ask for help but he does for a hour or two then back to normal i feel like am just in a rut with this can any one with advise plz !

turning in th cot at night

My little boy is 5 1/2 months old and has slept through the night since he was 3 months old. All of a sudden in the last 2 weeks he has been moving so much in his sleep that he ends up side ways or upside down in his cot. This is waking him up at least 4 times a night but has been up to 8 times!!! Has anyone got any ideas on what i can try or has this happened to anyone else? I have tried to pop pillows either side to fix him in one place but he just wriggles and moves them.