Demanding babies

You may have discovered by now that some babies are easier to look after than others. We look at what to do if your little one seems like hard work.

Some babies seem to like being babies, and are happy to sit in their baby chair and watch the world go on around them. Others seem to constantly be striving towards the next stage; to sit up, or crawl, or walk They want more songs, more picture books, more toys, more holding…

A demanding baby can be exhausting. No matter how much you love someone, and no matter how much you love being in their company, it is very tiring to be completely responsible for entertaining a person all day, as well as giving them their meals, their baths and changing their nappies.

A supportive partner can be a great help. When your partner comes home in the evening, don’t be afraid to hand the baby over. You need a break. Or ask your mum or other close relative, or a friend to help out as often as they can.

Clingy babies

Some babies have a very strong desire to be held and soothed. If you have a baby who’s fine and happy while you are holding him, but who starts wailing the instant you put him in his cot, it can feel like your baby is attached to you with Velcro… and can be very frustrating if you have older children to care for, or tasks you need to get on with. It may help you cope if you remember that being held is a need that your baby has; he is not being spoilt or demanding. He needs reassurance, and will gradually become more confident if he is given the closeness he needs. Find out more about Separation anxiety here.