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Family sleep patterns can be disturbed by broken nights and lack of sleep can affect everyone, but many parents have problems with their child’s sleep that last well beyond the first year.  If you’re one of the unlucky ones, here are some strategies for sweet dreams:

A bedtime routine is important and not only signals the end of the day for your baby but can help prevent sleep problems later on. Here’s a simple routine for you to try with your baby.
•    Give your baby her evening bath and put on her night clothes
•    Make sure you have turned the TV off or right down so that evenings are quiet and calm
•    Read her a story and kiss her and say goodnight
If you stick to this routine in the same order at the same time every evening your baby will recognise the cues.
leep training will help your baby settle to sleep in her cot, or when she wakes at night. Do the same things every night, or when your baby wakes, and remind yourself that the training is for everyone’s benefit.

Falling asleep alone

Although you’ll learn to take sleep deprivation in your stride, it can sometimes leave you a little tetchy and tired. Getting your baby to fall asleep alone will help you both feel fresher in the morning. Once she can fall asleep alone, she can settle herself if she wakes.

The moving game

This is a good way of teaching your baby to fall asleep alone.

  1. Sit by your baby’s cot and hold her hand until she learns how to fall asleep this way. It may take a few nights, but then let your baby fall asleep in this way for a few nights.
  2. Move your chair a little further away from the cot, and stay there until your baby falls asleep.
  3. Gradually keep moving your chair a little further away each night. You will find yourself sitting outside the door eventually, but in a place where your baby can still see you.
  4. Stay outside the door, but in a place where you can still talk to your baby and give her reassurance for a few nights.
  5. You will a reach a point where your baby will fall asleep without you being nearby. It will work, even though it may take a few weeks!

Tips to cope with broken nights

Some hints to help save your sanity with a newborn:

  1. Looking after a baby can be exhausting, so it’s vital to look after yourself, too: rest as much as you can, eat well, and drink plenty of water.
  2. Remember that babies are individuals and each needs a different amount of sleep. So don’t compare your baby to others or blame yourself or your baby if he seems to be awake more than other children his age.
  3. In the early days when you’re breastfeeding on demand, it’s hard to get a night of unbroken sleep, but when your baby gets older and you’re sure she’s not hungry, get your partner to get up in the night.
  4. If it’s your partner’s turn, try to get a full night’s sleep by using earplugs or try sleeping out of earshot of your baby’s crying.
  5. Recharge your batteries by having a nap during the day when your baby does.
  6. If you’re trying to lose some pregnancy weight, don’t overdo it as it’ll affect your energy.
  7. It’s easy to forget simple things when you’re tired. So make notes and lists to stop yourself feeling stressed.



I have a 7 month old son. He was a good sleeper from birth. At the age of 3 months he was sleeping from 7 pm till 5 am. At the age of 4 months he started to wake up as a newborn, every 2 hours, so I breastfed him back to sleep. At the age of 5 moths old I was again exhausted and sleep deprived so I did a sleep training with my son. It took 3 nights for him to lean how to fall asleep on his own. I used the "moving game technique" mentioned it above article, although it was slightly changed. For example my baby didn't like me touching him. It had an opposite effect, he was crying more, so I just talked to him in intervals. First night it took us about 45 minutes, second night 20 minutes, third night he was asleep within 10 minutes, with no crying. If baby is breastfed, like my boy, it is important not to let them to fall asleep on the breast. It sound silly, but this is the reason for the baby to wake up at night. One sleep cycle for the baby lasts about 30-45 minutes. Than baby is in the stage of light sleep, may even cry for a few minutes but usually falls back asleep. Adults, also go through a few sleep cycles during the night, but we just fall back to sleep without realizing it. If your baby falls asleep on the breast or with a dummy, when he wakes up at night, it is natural that he expects a breast or a dummy to fall asleep again. There is only one way to stop the habit of falling asleep with a dummy or on the breast. Baby needs to learn to soothe himself and he is only able to do that if you let him. Take the dummy away for the night and naps. Put your baby to sleep in the cot awake and using the moving method it will take usually from 3-14 days for the baby to fall asleep on his own. It will take a few days for the baby to get used to this change, but it is worth it. By doing this my son sleeps 11-12 hours at night from the age of 5 moths. He is a big boy, but he doesn't need a night feed any more. As well it is wrong to wake up your baby from his naps, because you may think he may have problems to fall asleep for the night. If your baby is overtired it will actually take him longer to fall asleep. Same thing is with adults. If we are overtired it is harder for us to fall asleep, right? Same thing applies to a baby. Let them sleep during the day and they will sleep better at night. I have 2 older daughters, age 5 and 3 and all my kids go to bed at 7:30 pm. As well it is a mistake to wait longer to put your baby to sleep thinking he will sleep longer. The baby will wake up usually at the same time regardless of what time you put him to sleep. If your baby is younger than 1 year old try put him to bed at 7pm. I have my full nights sleep already. I hope my advise will help somebody. Good luck.
My 8 month old goes to bed every night 8pm goes off to sleep himself but wakens from 12 o'clock on every 2 hours as soon as I put the dummy back in he goes straight back to sleep. The broken sleep is starting to take its toll on me can anyone please help or suggest what I could do to break his habit of weakening up?
Hi i am looking for some advise i have a 6 month old baby boy i have got him in a routine where he goes to bed at the same time every night and he will go to sleep right away, the problem i have is in the middle of the night when his dummy falls out of his mouth and starts crying as soon as i put it back in he is fine and goes to sleep again this could happen 1 to five times in the night. Is there anything i do to stop this?
Ok mums and dads I need some help. My little boy (5months) has slept through the night since birth until now. Now I have a little monkey who falls asleep after his last bottle at 10.30 in my arms stays asleep till about 1.30am when he wakes up crying for his dummy. The hard bit is getting him back to sleep properly, he falls back over then the dummy falls out and the crying starts again this go on for between 1-2 hours. I'm shattered now and really need some help to sort this wee monkey out. Thanks in advance
Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night Keep An Eye On Daytime Naps Firstly, make sure that your baby's daytime naps are not too long. It is hard to wake a sleeping baby when you are relishing the break, but if they sleep for too long during the day you are bound to have a more alert baby at bedtime. Also make sure that you feed the baby well and often during the day - especially when they are really small. Get into a habit of making feed time feel different during the day compared to the night. You may have music on or bright toys for baby to watch. Don't try too hard to keep the noise level down during the day. Give Them A "Dream Feed" Secondly, remember that babies only have little stomachs and it is hunger that usually wakes them up during the night. A helpful idea may be to feed your baby just before you are going to bed yourself. Try not to awaken them. See if you can get them to suck while they are still sleeping and them put them down again after what has been referred to as their "dream feed". Don't Always Change Baby's Diaper When your baby does wake for a feed in the night, try to keep it as quiet as possible. Keep the lights dimmed and do your best to keep your little one settled. Use a quiet and soothing voice. You might even choose not to change your baby if this is a feed that you want to cut out. This may sound a bit cruel, but if you have put plenty of diaper cream on your baby before they went to bed, they can probably last all the way through the night with one diaper, even though it is wet. Of course it is different if they have dirtied themselves.
My baby is 3 months old and she sleeps through the night from 11 pm-8 am.But during the day she sleeps very little,about 30 minutes after each feed..Is this normal?
my baby boy is 1 year old, we've moved house 3 weeks ago and his sleep still hasn't settled. Before we moved he would only wake at 3am for a bottle then sleep til7am, but now he doesn't sleep for more that 3 hours at a time, and this isn't affected by how many naps he has or for how long. It's like all the progress we made before has just gone, i'm 12 wks pregnant too and exhausted. Any advice?
I have a 3 month old son and he doesn't sleep through the night. We do not follow any bedtime routines but we do bath him every two or three days. After bath he gets a nice feed and he stays awake for another half hour-hour. He usually gets really tired by around 9pm and he falls asleep quite easily even if the TV is on with normal volume. Around 10pm we go to bed together as we co-sleep. He wakes up about 2 times during the night for two very small and quick feed (probably he just needs some comfort rather than actual food), around 2.30 and 4.30 then he has another big sleep and wakes for the day around 8-9-ish. I can also sleep quite well and the two wakes during the night o not normally exhaust me. So far this has worked but now we are thinking about teaching him to sleep in his own little bed so there a huge challenge ahead of us!! He is quite a clingy boy, I can't really leave his sight for more than 5 mins during the day and he loves to be on breasts he is more of a "snacker". He gets short but intensive feeds about every 2 hours during the day and normally he has a little (10-20 mins) nap after each one. He does not sleep long during the day but he does not seem to need more sleeps either. I am not worried at the moment because I know that every baby is different and I believe it is harder when you breastfeed to establish the routines and teach your baby sleep long. hopefully my son will eventually learn to sleep through the night and then sleep alone but I do not want to force anything let things go the natural way!!!! xxx
Hi ya, Just had a new baby 2 weeks old now and born 5 weeks early. She's an angel and no probs. Even broken nights feed for breast feed is fine. Biggest problem I have is my 2year old daughter. Her lack of sleep has exhausted me since she was born. Everyone kept saying it would get better but she's now 27months old! I've followed all advice but nothings worked. She used to wake every hour for a feed, then every 3 hours until she turned 20months and now I'm lucky if she wakes only once. I've put her into a bed now but she's now sharing a room with her older 6year old brother and it's affecting his sleep now as she wont stay in her bed and keeps coming out of the room or getting into his bed and biting him or turning the lights on. I could be up till 1:30am putting her back in her bed repeatedly. She's constantly hungry too and a chunky girl at that so I have to make her 2 bottles of horlicks light just to help fill her up for sleep. Now she's into tantrums and sleep is a must have for both myself and my 6year old who is constantly yawning at school because he's been kept up too. I'm always willing to try new advice..... please x
i have a 3month old and whilst she does not sleep through the night yet she does settle herself. From about 8weeks i would just give her 10 mins of whingeing (but not full on crying) and she would normally drop off in this time. she refused a dummy but happily sucks away on her fist/fingers/whole hand! i then introduced a tomy light and sound projector which has a 10 min setting and she is asleep bythe time that finishes. i cannot recommend it highly enough. LO wakes normally twce in night for a feedbut is breastfed and goes straight back down if she wont then i just put the projector on for 10 mins. i'm sure this will all change when she starts teething!
I have a seven month old who slept through from about 6 weeks but then started teething which totally messed up her sleeping patern. She screamed when I put her to bed and then woke up evey hour. I tried control crying and after 3 nights I can now put her in her cot wide awake and she will settle herself to sleep, and then she sleeps through. I seriously reccommend anyone struggling to give it a go! Do the normal bed time routine, then put your baby in their cot and let them cry for one minute then go back in tell them goodnight and leave, then let them cry for two mins..then four...double it every time - most babies never make it past eight minutes. If they wake at night do the same. It may leave you completley knackered for a couple of nights, but after a few days it works!! It can work for any age and its deffinatley worth it in the long run!! It also works much quicker than gradually moving further away every night xx
It really is all about a routine, bath and feed before bed, then I put my boy in his cot even if he is still awake and he has a musical cot show with projector, I set the timer for 10 mins and close the door and leave him to it, he watches the lights and when they stop he goes straight to sleep every night. It's ok to let them have a little moan just don't run in they will get used to it, my boy is 13 weeks and sleeps from 6pm - 6am. It makes everyone a lot happier from having a good nights sleep.
my two and a half year old was a great at getting down to sleep at night (around 8pm) but the past two to three weeks she has been refusing to go to bed until ten and only if i sit beside her! she used to go over on her own. im 7 months pregnant is she acting up?
My baby is 14 months and has just started waking at 3-4 am. He does not go back to sleep easily at all and it can take several hours, then we need to get up, as I need to go to work and send my daughter to school. Exhausted! Try going to bed earlier, then the housework etc does not get done, so I have to do it when he naps in the day. It's often quite difficult to get him to sleep in the day, when it used to be much easier. I know he's teething, but it's really hard at the moment and I feel like I am constantly spinning plates. Any advise about getting on top of things a bit more and not feeling so overwhelmed...?
Hi looking for some advice my 13mth old who has always been brilliant sleeper is now waking up at exactly same time every night screaming. He wakes up between 10 and half 10 and half 1 and 2. He has is screaming although not really crying if that makes sense, we go in give him his dummy back and lie him back down, we dont talk to him or make eye contact with him, jult lie him back down in his cot. He has always been able to go to sleep himself, he has a great routine bed by half past 7 for 12 hours and also if ever did wake up in middle of the night is always able to get back to sleep himself. We are not keen for co-sleeping as he has always been fine in his cot and we both work so it is exhausting. Any advice would be great thanks.
Cavra...is the book you recommended by Traci Hogg? The baby whisperer - Sleep one? I am interested in reading it and your help regarding this would be greatly appreciated :-)
I had the same problems as the mums here sending my 7 months old daughter to sleep. Then a friend recommended the 'Baby Whisperer' book and by the 2nd night my husband and I saw the improvements. We r gob smacked to say the least! She is 8 1/2 months now and our days and nights with her are much happier and relaxed. This book is for mums that can't stand to let their babies crying, not even for 5 min. Im totally against to controlled crying. Best of luck
Hi, my 1yr old still doesn't sleep at night. I still have to feed her to get her to sleep. I've tried to leave her when she wakes but she screams. Some nights she's so over tired that she just doesn't settle and I have 2 other children and a business, so I can't let her scream all night. My partner works every day and we're both exhausted. Anyone used porridge at night, to help make them feel full. Any advise is welcome.
hi please help. my 8.5 month old wont go 2 sleep on her on. i have 2 put her 2 sleep and then put her in her cot, but about an hour after she is awake again. this happens all through the night. please help.tips needed urgent. thanks xx
Hello,how do i get my 8,5mths old baby to reduce her waking up as she still wakes up at least 4 times during the night as we co- sleep?I need an urgent answer because i dont get enough sleep at night. Thank you
hi,how do i get my 3mths old baby to reduce her feed as she still wakes up at least 4 times during the night as we co- sleep?I need an urgent answer because i dont get enough sleep at night.
I have an 8 nearly 9 month old and from 7 weeks onwards she slept from 7 til 7 but the past month or so she's waking at least 6 times during the night. She has 3 meals a day as well as 1 8oz bottle in the morning and 1 before bed. Some nights she just wants her dummy but other nights she won't settle unless I give her a bottle.
my daughter is 8 1/2 months old she has 4 meals a day 2 bottles 4 oz- 5 oz one in morning and one at night and has a little juice or water in the day but she really doesnt drink that much at all. she is waking up in the night alot at the moment one night last week i put her to bed at 9 and she was awake at 11.30 screaming and i didnt manage to get her back to sleep till 4.00 am. she has been better since then but it is very broken sleep awake several times a night ranging from twice to 6 times. she only wants her dummy putting back in and she goes back to sleep usually. i am due back to work in a week any advice would be greatful.
Hello, I have a 9 months old baby and I have just been through the same situation.I thought she had nightmares but turned out she was teething! She was "bad" for a few nights but when her new teeth came out properly she started to sleep better. When she was in pain I used teething granules,which worked really well. Now her teeth have come out, if she wakes screaming and I think she is not in pain I distract her with something (yesterday I used a small ball that glows in the dark,the time before that our cat came in meowing).This stops her from screaming and a minute later she is tired and I can put her down again. When she wakes up early in the morning I just let her play in her cot.She plays with her cuddly bunny,talks to herself,makes funny noises,then she falls asleep again...I let her do this for up to 1 hour.I only pick her up early if she cries.
My baby is 8months old, he has 3 meals a day plus 5-6 bottles of 7oz milk. He has a regualr routine of dinner at 6.30, bath at 7.30 and bed between 8 and 9. He has 1 8oz bottle at night just before his bedtime and he wakes up once during the night for another feed roughly between 2-5am and then he wakes up for the day around 7. He has got better since he was newborn, he used to wake up 5+ times but he was breastfed then.
Hi, are you sure that they are not teething? my son slept great and then at 10 months started waking, screamin etc and he was teething. could not get any calpol into him to calm it doen just had to use the teething granules. instant relief!
Hi My 10 month old has started being a really bad sleeper, up untill roughly 1 month ago he went to sleep at 7 and then slept throught till 7 so hes been brilliant and now all of a sudden hes waking up through the night. I put him to bed between 7.30/8pm and he usuall wakes 3/4 times throught the night just crying, most of the time i can just put his dummy in and he'll turn round and go back to sleep but then sometimes he screams so bad it takes a bottle to settle him. Theres no pattern to him waking up in the night its just different every time, and now hes up between 5-6 every morning now wide awake and wanting to play. Has anyone any advice as to what can help me get my nights back??
I have a 10 month old who has always been a great eater and sleeper from new born. But in the last three weeks it has all changed. She can longer go more than 3 hours at night without waking and screaming the house down. Not sure on what to do with her?
i already have a20 month year old boy and he is a brilliant sleeper sleeps all night but the new baby will have to share the bedroom with him and im worried that they will wake each other up and my sons brilliant sleep pattern will become disturbed what can i do to prevent this from happeningx
When I moved my daughter into her own room it made all the difference. She wakes for feeds at 12 and again at 4 then her usual wake up time it 6-7am. I am trying to make her last feed between 9-10pm so she only wakes once in the night but she has usually fallen asleep by that point and then doesn't want a full bottle. Hopefully she'll sort herself out x
@Sarah4dan does she have reflux? That may be why she's more comfortable sitting up. Other suggestions that have worked for others but I have no personal experience of are cranial osteopathy or moving her cot to a different spot in the room. The routine has definitely helped getting my 8 month old to sleep quicker but she still cries herself to sleep. She wakes a couple of times & cries herself back to sleep again sometimes with or without the help of her dummy! Good luck, it's exhausting I know!
hi, my daughter is 8 1/2 months ans still doesn't sleep through the night, she goes to bed at 6:30pm every night and has 3 full meals an 1 9oz formula bottle during the day (plus juice) but when it comes to bed time she goes through 16+ oz of milk!!! ive tryed weaning her off with water/juice but she refuses it and with that it wakes her up and its a 2hr battle to get her back to sleep! and as a working parent i am shatterd by 10am when i should be concentrating at work!! my daughter is on aptimil 3(follow on milk) do u think she is hungry in the night? and if so should i put her on aptimil 2 (hungry baby)? or put rice in her bottle?.. im finding it hard not getting a full nights sleep on work nights. i must get up between 3-5 times a night to feed my daughter.water and juice didnt work.
Hi all :) My daughter is 8 months old no matter how many times i do bedtime routine i cant seem to get her to sleep in her cot. she was 10lb 4oz born always had big appetite but i give her some breakfast and bottle before bed then around 11.30 i give her 5/6oz so i know she's deffo full.. She has never slept in with me and my husband she only ever wants to stay in her rocker chair. If i put her in cot screams for hours!! my son is 4 hes always slept through and manages to sleep through her screaming! Has any 1 else been through this?? x
This is for Kilnerv. I too am a single parent and have been since little one was born. He is 11 months. It is exhausting but extremely rewarding. My son too was a terrible sleeper! Up and down umpteen times a night. This is what I've tried (and works a dream with my little one):- He has two naps during the day, the first for one hour. At the start I had to lift him from his sleep in order to wake him but his little body clock now does this. Sleep two is for half hour. Again lift from sleep if need be until little one is used to routine. I breast feed him around 7pm every night and prior to settling him in his cot at around 8/8.30pm, I feed him weetabix. He sleeps 10hours. Only time he wakes during night is when teeth are troubling him. When your little one wakes around 2/3am have you tried ignoring him? Is he looking for a dummy? Sometimes a cuddle will help. When he wakes do you talk to him? Turn on lights? May I suggest not to talk or turn on lights. I hope this helps. I know it's tiring but keep up the good work xxx
This is for Kilnerv. I too am a single parent and have been since little one was born. He is 11 months. It is exhausting but extremely rewarding. My son too was a terrible sleeper! Up and down umpteen times a night. This is what I've tried (and works a dream with my little one):- He has two naps during the day, the first for one hour. At the start I had to lift him from his sleep in order to wake him but his little body clock now does this. Sleep two is for half hour. Again lift from sleep if need be until little one is used to routine. I breast feed him around 7pm every night and prior to settling him in his cot at around 8/8.30pm, I feed him weetabix. He sleeps 10hours. Only time he wakes during night is when teeth are troubling him. When your little one wakes around 2/3am have you tried ignoring him? Is he looking for a dummy? Sometimes a cuddle will help. When he wakes do you talk to him? Turn on lights? May I suggest not to talk or turn on lights. I hope this helps. I know it's tiring but keep up the good work xxx
Hi - this message is for "kilnerv". It's quite normal for some babies not to sleep through the night until they are a year old or more. Some babies do it sooner, but not all. It's not surprising that he wakes up at 2/3am, because many babies do, and also because you put him to bed so early. He probably wakes up because he is hungry, so I disagree with your health visitor about giving him only water at night - give him a nice feed and then it won't take so long to get him back to sleep again. Good luck xxx
My son is 8month old and he has never slept through night i have a routine in place where he has his supper at 630 then he has a bath and then he has a bottle to get him to sleep for 730 which is not a problem he goes to sleep quite easy but he wakes up at 2am or 3am and it takes me an hour to 2 hours to get him back to sleep and then wakes up at 7 very rare he goes any longer iv tried what i was adv by health visitor by only giving him water when he wakes and he will soon realise there is no need to wake but ive done this now for 3 weeks and his screams seem to get louder and nothing has changed what else is there i am a single mum and in desperate need of sleep as iv nobody to take over or take it in turns please help
Have been very lucky with my wee boy, he is three months and I have got used to pretty much a full nights sleep since he was about 4-5 weeks. Not sure if it is luck or if we have 'trained' him up with a regular routine. I read the baby whisperer breast feeding guide and have used the principles of this and adapted to what suits for us. Swaddling has been the secret!
My 8month old daughter has recently been unwell. Whenever she is poorly she always wakes at 12am & 3am, this is mainly due to teething. I just keep up the same routine and know that when she is feeling better she will start to sleep through the night again. When she does wake i keep the lights off and rock her to sleep if this doesn't work i will make up a bottle. I have found that she likes to cuddle her teddy at night. Temperature is also important sometimes she wakes because she is cold so a little cuddle warms her up, put her back in her cot with an extra blanket. she is so different to what my eldesy daughter was like, she would never sleep in her on cot but always slept through the night.
My son is now 8 and a half months old. He is eating three meals a day with 2 healthy snacks in between. He is also breast fed, and has a b.f before breakfast, lunch and tea. But he is still waking in the night every two hours for a feed. he will not settle with a dummy which he has in the day or will not settle for my husband. He will not take a bottle or beaker with breast milk or water or tinned milk. My husband works ft and has to be up each morning at 5.30am and my daughter is 3 years old and is up at 6am. Any suggestions I am really finding it difficult with the broken sleep at the moment. I do not want to or I try to at least not wake my daughter or husband in the night but I know I can not go on like this much longer. x
I am slightly confused at some posts... babies are not meant to sleep through the night at 3,5,10 weeks, people seem to think its bad if they are waking but thats what babies do! My son is 14 weeks on christmas day and is going from around 10.30 until 5/6am. I think its great getting that much sleep! haha. Once they are around 16lb they can hold milk in their bellys and poss sleep through without a feed. Just takes time, and yes everybody is tired but you WILL cope and have a lovely sleeping baby in the end :)
lovely commonsense comments Vicky :)
You shouldn't expect babies under 6 months old to sleep through- some will but most won't. Also, many people think that giving a formula feed at night if you are breast feeding will make them sleep through. This isn't true and can cause your milk supply to reduce. I know people who have tried this and it has made no difference to their baby waking. I exclusively breast fed my daughter for 6 months. She fed pretty much all night for the first 3 weeks but this is normal and you just have to go with it, sleepless nights are all part of having a new baby! She gradually reduced her night feeds herself. I fed her in the dark and didn't talk to her at night but made a fuss of her during the day so she knew night times were boring. She has slept through since 14 weeks, although she usually wakes once in the night for a dummy. As soon as she slept through I moved her to her own room as well so that we don't disturb her. If you don't use a dummy, and are breast feeding, I have heard that offering a cup of water instead of the breast in the middle of the night helps. I also think you have to be very hard to try controlled crying- I couldn't do it!
I have a 9.5 month old and she has been waking for the last month about twice a night. But also a lot of my friends babies have also started waking at this time. I think its because they are learning new skills and also they are going through seperation anxiety so like being close to you. Although, she also is waking up for dummies so I now put quite a few in her bed for her and have attached some to a bunny. With the sleep though a lot of problems are associated with food so make sure they are getting enough protein and carbs (I give that to her at lunch and dinner - despite what Gina Ford says about not giving protein at dinner as they can be too tired to eat it!...) as the baby could be waking up genuinely hungry. I read the Babies Secrets book by Jo Tatum and that was brilliant for putting her in a routine and also you can do it from birth.
My son is 9 months old and has recently had a viral and bacterial infection, which made him really ill. The only way i could get him to sleep through the illness was to nurse him to sleep. I now have to do this every night or he won't go to sleep. He also wakes for his dummy and has recently started wanting a feed again, varying from midnight to 4am. Any suggestions?
Sometimes she falls asleep easily and can resettle herself then on other nights she can't. Last night was exhausting as she woke up at 3, 5 and 6.30 (wouldn't go back to sleep after 6.30). Also no chance of a nap in day as she will only sleep for 20 mins at a time, not long enough for me to settle and fall asleep, plus you can't just stop your life in the day and spend it sleeping and feeling isolated. The advice I have had is sleep when she does but make sure you get out and about; can't do both!!! lol.
My baby boy is 3 month old and great at night time since he born, he has his routine since his secod day of his life, bath at 7:30, I turn down the lights, switch on the Magic radio on very low volume and feed him until he falls asleep on my breast (it takes about 1 or 1.5 hours) and I put him in his cot. Most of the time he sleeps till 5am sometimes till 6 or 7am, i feed him than he goes back to bed till 9am, when he was smaller he woke up 2-3 times to eat. He still wakes up couple times during night but he doesen't cry just moving a lot. We have brilliant nights but not so good days, he get bored very quick, i have to try very hard to keep him entertaint.
Yeah, yeah. But how to know that she is really crying because she is actually hungry???? Kills me the idea that she is crying because of that and I am punishing her for asking for food...
ClaireGurr, your health visitor sounds brilliant. I have an 8 month old who is waking about 10 times a night (between 7pm and 7am) and maybe only feeding at 11pm and at 4am. But I am really struggling with her. My health visitor hasn't been quite so helpful and all my friends say to leave her crying which I don't want to do. I am struggling to get her to take solids at the moment though as she has had a bad cold and been vomiting a bit so her appetite has reduced somewhat. Can I ask you what your schedule is during the day and what kind of solids are you giving your little boy? Thanks x
I would never leave my little girl to cry herself to sleep, and the above infomation doesn't say you should. My little girl is now 3 months, from when she was born, she was brilliant, slept right through the night, now, she wakes a couple of times a night, which is hard getting used to. My little one is perfect at going to sleep by herself, most of the time when she goes up for a nap or bedtime, she is awake and within 10 mins she is asleep, she has lullaby music played for her, which i think she finds very soothing. I wouldnt encourage a tv in a childs room! i think it is wrong! but the tips above could help a lot of parents.