Baby teething

Your baby’s first teeth will probably start to come through at around six months, but there may be lots of dribble before they appear! 

Here’s what to expect when your baby is teething.

When does teething start?

The baby teeth (or milk teeth) develop inside the gums while your baby is still in the womb.  Occasionally babies are born with one or two teeth, but this is unusual.

First teeth

The first tooth to appear is usually a front tooth in the lower gum, but exactly when it will appear will vary. Some babies still have no teeth at around a year old. Most children will have all their milk teeth by the age of two and a half, however.

There are 20 milk teeth, 10 at the top and 10 at the bottom. Some babies don’t have any problems with teething; others become fretful, dribble a lot and have red cheeks.

What order to teeth appear in?

There is no exact order in which milk teeth appear, but as a general rule:

  • 6 months: incisors. Two central top and two central bottom teeth
  • 8 months: incisors. Two more incisors top and bottom, making four top and four bottom front teeth in all
  • 10 to 14 months: first molars. Double teeth for chewing
  • 18 months: canines. The eye teeth or ‘fangs’
  • 2 to 2 1/2 years: second molars. The second set of double teeth at the back

Teething shouldn’t make a baby ill, so if you are worried, check with your health visitor or doctor.  Find out more about Toddler teething here.

Should you worry if your baby's teeth are late to appear?

Dentist and mum of two Natasha Roberts says:  "No. All children are different.  But if you have any concerns, see your dentist." If your baby still doesn't have any teeth by the time they are a year old, it's a good time to take them along to the dentist anyway, so they can take a look and reassure you.

The rate at which teeth first appear tends to run in the family.  Asking your baby's grandparents when your own teeth and those of your partner first arrived might give you some idea of when your baby will start teething.

Baby teeth cleaning

  • Clean your baby’s teeth and gums regularly as soon as he has any teeth. Do this twice a day using a soft brush and just a smear of baby toothpaste.
  • Baby toothpastes are specially formulated with lower levels of fluoride than adult toothpastes. However, ideally these toothpastes should still contain no less than and no more than 1,000 parts per million of fluoride, so check the packaging.

Find out more about how to care for your baby's teeth with our Baby teeth tips and Caring for toddler teeth articles.

Is my baby teething?

Babies can't tell you when they're in pain, but you can look out for the signs.  If your baby is drooling a lot, chewing on things or has flushed cheeks, this often marks the onset of teething.  However, babies instinctively put things in their mouths as part of their development, so this alone cannot be taken as a sure sign of teething.  Have a look at our baby+teething+symptoms section if you are unsure.  There are a few solutions you can try to help ease their discomfort, along with a range of teething+products on the market which may also help.

Try running a clean finger along your baby's gum-line as you can sometimes feel a new tooth coming through before you can see it.

How long does teething last?

Some babies dribble copiously for months before any actual teeth appear. Mum of two, Fiona Hunter says "My first baby soaked through several bibs and t-shirts every day from the age of about five months, although his first tooth didn't come through until he was over ten months old!"

The teething process is usually complete by the time the child is two and a half to three years old.

Teething tips

How to soothe those sore gums:

  • Babies who are teething like to bite on something hard such as a teething ring.
  • Try offering a dried crust of bread, or a scrubbed carrot - but stay close in case of choking.
  • Avoid sugary rusks and biscuits.
  • Rubbing your baby’s gums with a clean finger can help
  • Pat his face dry with a soft clean cloth if he dribbles a lot, so that his skin doesn’t become sore.
  • Teething gels may help, but keep a watch as they can cause allergies in some babies.
  • Some medicines are suitable from 2 months.  Always read the label.


My daughter is 14 months now but still no signs of ny teeth... eagerly waiting to see them.
My kid is awesome:) And his bottom tooth is visible through his gum, he dribbles over everyone. Puts both of his hands in his mouth at once and then cries when he bites on them.
My son is 7 weeks old and we can see his bottom two front teeth coming threw what's the best to give a baby teething at such a young age
My daughter is 9 months and still no teeth! My friends son is 3 weeks younger and has two teeth last i heard, just goes to show that they don't always follow suit! :) I just hope they come through soon! :)
my daughter started teething when she was 6 months old. I used fresh-out-of-the-fridge bottled cherries w/ stem to help her relieved her teething pain. try it too. it really works. let your baby suck the cold cherries just don't let go of the stem while their sucking it. :)
My baby girl is 3 months. She started dribbling a few weeks ago but over the last few days she has had real screaming tantr ums like shes in pain so we've been giving her the Nelsons teething granules. I swear they are like magic dust. Ive just put 2 soothers in the freezer to see if that helps as she cant yet hold teething ring. Great to know we're all in the same boat!!
my son is 14 months old and only cut two bottom ones. rest of them is very much visible and nearly out. and i mean- all! imagine his pain!
mu baby started teething at 8 weeks and we were very suprised to see the teeth coming through so early. now she is 12 weeks old and has 4 teeth raised a lot higher then the rest of the gum line that are still covered with a very thin layer of skin. The 4 teeth are all lower row, 2 on each side - not at all in the middle as they usually come through first. she seems to be more in discomfort in the evenings for some reason - chewing her little hands so hard to make herself feel better. She is too little to know how to hold onto theething rings and only thing that seems to help is using mummys or daddys clean thinger instead of the teething toys.
My boy cut his first tooth at 20 weeks but was 'teething' from 12. It was hard as he was too young for food to chew and his coordination was too poor for teething rings. I found bonjela to be fab and the teething homeopathic powders to work- but only rubbed directly on his gum, if i poured it in his mouth as directed, he projectile vomitted! My doctor told me to dose him up on calpol and ibuprophen to get rid of the fever. But i must admit that the best remedy was a good old chew on my finger as i could press his gum at the same time. Good luck with the drible monsters!
My son Leo is 10 months old and has 8 teeth ant cutting 4 at the moment! The sem first 8 didnt seem to bother him at all, but these 4 are really bothering him, hes stopped eating which is not like him as he loves his food, i give him calpol but he wont allow me to put any ttething gel on his gums. Its so upsetting seeing him like this i just dont know what yo do :-(
toothfairy1981: Sodium fluoride is classed as toxic by both inhalation (of dusts or aerosols) and ingestion. In high enough doses, it has been shown to affect the heart and circulatory system. I do not agree we adding it to the water supply as we will be swallowing the fluoride. I believe all toothpaste packaging states to seek medical advice if swallowed. I agree that it prevents tooth decay, but what else is it doing if it is toxic - ESPECIALLY IF WE ARE DRINKING IT IN OUR WATER!
@Zai09 are you completely insane? Where have you heard that fluoride is toxic? It the one most effective thing apart from diet proven to prevent tooth decay. I for one would love to see fluoride put in to everyone's water supplies to help prevent decay.
Flouride is highly toxic and shouldn't be consumed by adults never mind babies. Good advice for teething etc but less of the flouride talk!!
My 11month old son has 9 teeth at the moment and another 4 about to cut through any day now! He has been constantly teething since he was 4 months old, which, unfortunatly, means he still wakes up 3/4 times EVERY night! Sleepy mummy :(
My baby blake was born with a front tooth! However it started to cause problems on his tongue so had to have his first tooth out at the tender age of 8 wks!
congrats to all parents with babies its a wonderful time isnt it, teething is hard work but the smiles so outway this. my baby is nearly 14 weeks old (where has that time gone) I find using both Anbesol alongside Nelsons teething crystals work really well and if she is really suffering and pulling at her ears i will give her 2.5mls of baby calpol. Vinegar3 a few of my friends recommend the amber necklaces but be aware you may loose a few as they fall off easily. If your baby uses a soother you can put it in the fridge to help elieviate the discomfort of teething i did that with my first child... happy parenting friends. xxx
my daughter has been dribbling for months no sign of teeth??? red bottom hot cheeks....dentinox has been a good soother for her I just rub it on her gums....magic!!!
My wee Abi is 3 months old today and has been showing signs of teething for about 5 or 6 weeks now. Unfortunately she hasn't figured out that she can put teething rings in her mouth yet :(
Are Amber neckless any good ?
my baby is 12 weeks old she has been dribbling for a few now with red cheeks is she teething
my son is 39 weeks and he is going throu the teethin stage but there is no sign of any teeth yet but he i has got all the signs of teethin and sleepless nights well thats another matter and he is a nightmare i carnt do anything wit him x
my is son has been dribbling for months and also showing signs of teething but n o teeth as yet wish they would hury up i don't like seeing him in pain
My little girl stated teething at around 8 weeks and she is now 14 and her 'fangs' have poked through.
my baby girl is 1 year and 2 months old, but she does not appear even single teeth. The doctor said, not to worry. But i'm worried about it. What's the solution? Thanks.
Becydolman - my little boy was the same, although i read somewhere that around 8 weeks old their salva glands start to work properly and as they dont know how to swallow it correctly, it dribbles out of their mouth. That said, at three months my little boy had his two bottom teeth, at five months he'd gained his top two and at 7 months hes almost got another one. My little boy had white sqaures on his gums so i knew the teeth were coming.
My little boy Naod is 6month and i think he starting to teeth but he is not allowing me to rub his gums, is their some other thing that can help him
My little girl Holly is only 7 and half weeks old but I think she may be starting to teeth. Everybody says she is too early but she is drooling a lot, always chewing her fist/bottle/dummy, she is really irritable, has rosy red cheeks and sleeping very restlessly. Her bottom gum is hard and swollen and I think I can feel something sharp. Are these signs of teething or am I just being over-anxious?
My little boy Billy has got 3 teeth though but teething is really upseting his sleep pattern, has anyone got any ideas?
my baby boy he started teething at 9weeks the midwife and doctors said he isnt but he is now 11weeks and he now has two white marks where his bottom teeth are coming threw. when you stick your finger in his mouth you can feel the sharpness of the teeth but the are taking a while to come threw. he isnt two bad with the teething but sometimes he can scream even though youve done everything you can, but i use bongela and a teething dummy its seems to work really well.
my little girl is 13 weeks and has got 4 teeth cutting at once, but she's really really lucky they aren't giving her much bother, she's just chomping on anything that gets near her mouth
my little girl is 13 weeks and has got 4 teeth cutting at once, but she's really really lucky they aren't giving her much bother, she's just chomping on anything that gets near her mouth
my little one has just got his first two at 19 weeks
ive been calling my little girl Erryny bubbles since she was born - shes now living upto it blowing loads of spit bubbles everyday, doesnt seem to be giving her any bother mind u. hopefully she'll be like her big bro and they wont be too much trouble.
indie is chewing each and every thing from fingers to her bottle tit.
Good timing with this as it's 01:10am and I'm up with a very upset and teething dd! She's 14 months and is throwing out teeth at an alarming rate. She only has 4 left to come through and is currently working on her canines. She has struggled with teething poor angel so the quicker these last ones come through the better.
My baby girl is 4mths old and has started teething , non stop crying for two days the only thing that settled her was me rubbing her gums .
my baby girl is always dribbling and she is only 3 month n 2 week on thursday coming i have give her teething gel but not she is chwing her frist and her gum are whit is this a sign of teething
My baby girls teeth have been causing her trouble for the past 4 weeks and she is only 12 weeks! today her first tooth has emerged and looks like any day it will peirce the last bit of skin! Poor little babby! At least she is getting them over and done with however i guess they might slow down! Perhaps she will have 1 tooth for months! Its hard at only 12 weeks thou as she hasnt quite figured out the use of teething rings etc yet to help her! Lots of dribble too!
My little one got his 2 bottom teeth about 6 months now at 7 months his top 2 teeth are cutting through, thankfully he doesnt moan about it and doesnt seem to be in any pain he just dribbles constantly.
hello my little girl cut her first tooth at 6 months on fathers day shes nearly 8 months and she already has her 2 bottom front teeth and her two top teeth are cutting through now
Helo every1 my son is now 5mths old and he had his 1st 2 bottom teeth at 2 1/2 mths old and now his top 2 are comin through and he is bein a nitemare i find tht dentinox teethin gel helps alot more than bongela xx
Hi ya im new to this site just joined today, I have a 2 and a half year old daughter and whilst she sleeps she grinds her teeth really bad have you any idea how I can stop this or will it goes away its self.
brilliant stuff losts of info to absorb. It is refreshing to read about other mums expriences
My son has just turned 14 months and still has no teeth!!! He has been teething since 4 months, the dribbling has been and gone, he still wakes through the night. I can see all of his teeth under his gums, even his canines, and have done for several months now, but still none of them are cutting. If anyone has any advice they can share then please do...
my son is 6 weeks old and is cutting his first tooth already(I can see it). he is too young for anything in the shops to help ease the discomfort for him. does anybody have any tips that does not involve a dummy?
My daughter is 9 weeks old today and I think she may be teething. She dribbles a lot and keeps chewing on her fingers. I have bought some little teething hands which you put in the fridge, although she can't grasp them yet. I am hoping it's not going to be too bad for her xx
my son got his first tooth this week at 21 weeks old! he's been very good and only been having calpol here and there. brilliant stuff!
my little man was 21 weeks old on the 7th, he's been teething for the last 2 weeks and has now already got his first tooth (bottom right) very proud of him! he's been a little angel considering some babys have a lot of pain! congratulations to all mothers!!
my little man was 21 weeks old on the 7th, he's been teething for the last 2 weeks and has now already got his first tooth (bottom right) very proud of him! he's been a little angel considering some babys have a lot of pain! congratulations to all mothers!!
i have son has two and half year old, his first tooth came through when he has finished his first year, until now he hasn't finished his milk teeth, hes got only fifteen teeth, its really annoying and he suffers too much with every tooth appearance.