Baby development: 8 months

8 month old baby

What is your baby doing?

  • Pulling himself to standing position
  • Walking holding on to furniture
  • Developing fine motor skills like the pincer grasp
  • Crying when he sees other babies crying
  • Shaking and banging items
  • Saying mama or dada

What not to worry about – Your baby falling over

As scary as it to watch your child take a head first dive onto the floor, bumps, scrapes and bruises are an inevitable part of how babies discover their own limits and learn how to do things. Having said that it pays to [[babyproofing your home|safety proof your house to a certain degree; stair-gates, safety straps in high chairs and pushchairs, padded corners on tables and socket covers are all well worth the investment.

How you can help your child at this age

  1. Your baby will have uncanny knack for spotting any teeny object left lying on the floor and putting it immediately in her mouth. It can help to literally get down on to her level to see what she can see.
  2. Adapt baby games like peek-a-boo, by letting your baby pull the blanket off, or showing your baby how to cover his or her own face with the hands.
  3. Your baby is probably obsessed with your mobile phone, buy a toy version and let him play with all the buttons, or have pretend conversations it will help develop his imagination and hand skills.
  4. Encourage self-feeding to help hand to mouth coordination, even if you can’t stand the mess. Opt for finger foods such as rice cakes, carrots and cheese.

Troubleshooting - "My baby’s not speaking yet."

“My daughter didn’t say her first proper word until she was about eighteen months old. I was afraid something was wrong especially as all my friends babies were saying dada and mama at 8 – 9 months and she wasn’t. My GP kept saying she’ll speak when she’s ready and she did. My tip is to keep talking to her and not pressurise your child. She really will speak when she’s ready.”

Jenni, 39 mum to Nell, 4

Next steps

Your baby at 9 months


My 8mth old has a sinus problem and was born with tongue tie shes over a stone in weight she dnt crawl she actually walks like a dog(hands n feet) we don't even have pets so were she got it from i have no idea n also says nana n gandad but no mummy/mama yet n also walks with her activity walker n uses me as a climbing frame she pretty clever for her age but my eldest was pretty quick with this stuff too part from sayin gandad she had been sayin it since she was 7mth old as well n its usually a word for older babies they do things when they want too my 8mth old dnt like the belly either lol
My 8mth old has a sinus problem and was born with tongue tie shes over a stone in weight she dnt crawl she actually walks like a dog(hands n feet) we don't even have pets so were she got it from i have no idea n also says nana n gandad but no mummy/mama yet n also walks with her activity walker n uses me as a climbing frame she pretty clever for her age but my eldest was pretty quick with this stuff too part from sayin gandad she had been sayin it since she was 7mth old as well n its usually a word for older babies they do things when they want too my 8mth old dnt like the belly either lol
I have three children: the first NEVER crawled and sat on the spot for 14mths, then she got up and walked. The second crawled, but didn't walk till 17mths. My 8 mth old sits beautifully but has no interest in moving. I never thought for one minute there was anything wrong with any of them. They learnt different skills, like talking, clapping, waving and blowing kisses. Just let them discover the world at their own pace!
my daughter is 8 months and is not crawling or trying to get her self up yet. She only rolls her self on her back but can`t do and is sitting up really well too.............. she doesn`t like to lie on her tummy............... she is very bright and sociable baby,likes to watch people and know what going on..............
My baby girl is 7.5mths old and has said mama since six months, dada since last night and has been commando style crawling since 4.5mths (my first didn't til eight months so was nowhere near babyproofed at that point!) yet at the 7-8month development check with the health visitor she was concerned that she wasn't crawling 'properly'. She really irritated me. Yet as said my first didn't crawl til eight months and was considered by my then health visitor as bang on if not a bit early and wasn't saying a word which bothered the hv not one bit. Both girls have enjoyed their food but they both started at 4mths so they have had time to get used to it - it is unreasonable to think a baby who starts weaning at six months is going to have mastered feeding themselves (as an aside my baby nearly choked after a bit of soft carrot broke off and slid down her throat the other day - I had to turn her onto her front, half upside down and smack her on the back as she went purple so wouldn't advise giving them anything you aren't comfortable with just to keep up with these development charts!)
My daughter is 8 months old.she is crawling now.s everything on the floor is hers.she toucjes,feels and then discards and moves on she is more interested in standing now. Babbles loud while holding a book as if she is reading,loves twiddling with my mobiles,claps snd moves her head on a music tune.she is much fun. I feel blessed.xxx
My little one is doing all these things now. But she still has no teeth!! They all develop at their own rate!!
My boy is 8 1/2 months has been crawling for 3 weeks....he is pulling himself up at every given opportunity...and getting himself around like a bat out of hell....giving me a series of mini heart attacks in the process...they all get there in the end
iMy daughter is 7 months old she is crawling but not yet started to say mama or dada ever since she has started crawling she has lost intrest in her toys like her jumperroo and her bounce baby bounce i was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem as toys have only been used a couple of times?? Was also wondering if anyone would b intrested in bounce baby bounce with rotating seat and activities looking to sell for £30 and also soft pink car for baby to sit in plays music £10 rrp of both bounce baby bounce £60 and my first car £40. If intrested please call jennifer on 07901885874. Toys still in brand new condition as only been used a couple of times thanks
My baby is 8 months and she is not crawling yet.
My little girl is 7 1/2 months and is sitting up, crawling and can get herself into sitting position from front, back or crawl position. She is also now pulling herself to standing but is unstable. She can say mama, dada and nana and is now giving very sloppy kisses!
Bounty's emails and articles are rubbish. I'm giving up on them from now on. As if 8 month old babies are expected to do these things! My baby is 7 1/2 months (for some reason they send me their junk early every time) and is nowhere near pulling himself up or talking. If I didn't know better I'd be worried for nothing. As an aside, babies who use walkers are typically slower at walking, because they use their legs to crab walk around, instead of developing normally.
My daughter is 8 month in a week, she's been rolling over since she was 5 month but she isn't doing anything else, I have 2 other children 1 walked at 10 month and the other was crawling by now. Not sure if I should be worried or not.
my daughter is 8months old on the 29th of jan she will sit up for around half an hour and then fall she will only lie on her tummy for 5mins but loves lying on her back! shes rolled from back to tummy once but done it from tummy to back loads of time but doesnt know shes doing it! she has no teeth or signs of teething but she can wave bye bye say mama and dada and put her arms up when she wants a carry!she can only go backwards in her walker but doesnt reaise shes doing that either she wont put 1 foot infront of the other when shes stood on floor it seems she doesnt know how to... my son had teeth was sitting un supported and crawling by this age but im not worried about her as she is more developed in other things my son was doing at this age..
My girl is 8mnth now, she has done most of the things before her time like her first teeth appeared at age on 5mnth, she stared to say mum from 7mnth,& she is kind of potty trained already (i didn't do that , its just she makes fuss to poop in her nappy, she starts to sniff and cry if she need to go for poop ),but to our surprise she has just started to crawl.she loves her walker and she is everywhere when she is on it, we thought that she is going to skip crawling but here she goes ...now she is keep me on my feet most of the time......so i think every babies are different .....
My little girl was also breech and born by c section at 39 weeks. She's 8 months next week and this last week she's managed to say daddy & today she said mum twice when I told her to say it, she's not said mum since 16 weeks. She can only sit up when surrounded by cushions and in the last few days finally rolled over and lifted her head up. I put her development down to strength. The more time she has to practice the stronger she gets. I didn't give her much tummy time in the last as she would get upset so I do things at her pace. Done things she's advanced at some not. I don't let it worry me ever baby is different xx
my daughter will be 8 months next week and she still cant sit unsupported and she doesnt roll over is this something i should be worried about just to give you some background she was born at 37 weeks weighing 5lb 6oz and was breech we are still awaiting the results of her hip scan to see if their are any problems although dysplasia of the hip (clicky hips) has already been ruled out.... she is on baby led weaning and reaches out for her toys and food...im just concerned about her lack of mobility ???
I am a first time mum also and the way I see it is that your baby's won't be sitting around unable to walk forever, you don't see people in their 30's still shuffling around as they never learnt to walk.. so don't worry! your baby will get there in the end
I'm a first time mum and haven't been worried about babies milestones. I do share the thought that babies develop at different rates. my son is 8months and he's starting to crawl very slowly. he seems to be a little bit scared but he will get there on his own time! He's also pushing himself up against our sofa and in his cot! So cute to watch him in action!lol I think that having more tummy time helped a lot with strengthening of his muscles. The strangest thing that happened to him was instead if having the bottom or top teeth out first he got two top side teeth out (he looked like a little vampire lol) then two bottom ones and then two top ones!
i have had 3 children each one being completely different in eating sleeping crawling sitting talking and walking babies do things when they r ready their personality affects things to and unless you are concerned personally with something about your child do NOT compare to others because they are alllll different in their own special way !!!! :):):)
Every baby is different, my son is 7 months old and has started crawling and pulled himself up onto his feet the other day and my friends baby is the same age and he hasnt rolled over yet, it just goes to show every baby is different and goes through the different stages at different times and I dont think it should be something to worry about. As long as your baby is happy and healthy they will do things when they are good and ready. We are both first time mums so didnt know what was 'normal' and what wasnt but we both have 2 very happy little boys so thats all that matters
my little girl is just the same and im gettin worried too, shes 8.5 months and hates it when i try to stand her up. she loves her walker but doesn't move while in it - she just lifts her feet off the floor. she'll move around with no problems in her cot but as soon as shes playing then she just stays in the sitting position, if i lie her down within minutes she's crying. she seems to be fine with everything else but just doesn't seem to be getting very mobile. I'm a first time too and alot of my friends that have had babies boast about how quickly their child is developing and i worry i'm doing something wrong.
please dont get worried. my 9 month old doesnt crawl and certainly cant pull herself up (she doesnt say mumma either!!). she is my third and babies really do things at different times- i think these "milestones" for an 8 month are completely unrealistic- yes some can do it- but lets face it- the vast majority cant. and dont panic... there is no evidence to suggest that early developers go on to be brighter children.... your baby might not move or sit up until they are much older but could still go on to be a rocket scientist!!!
My boy is nearly 8 month is doing great, he is everywhere in the house crawling as if he is running, is very good and active, try to stand on his own so with the other of my children. With my friends children is deferent so children are not the same. my dear don't worried she will be fine.
Hi all, I have a 34wk (8.5month) old son, Harrison, and I have a fair few friends with little ones and each seem to be developing at their own rate in all areas. One started teething at 3months, one was standing at 7months, one that has only just started saying words at 1.5yrs etc etc. I can honestly say I am not the least bit concerned at what age my son hits the miles stones, eg. crawling, standing, he is a happy and healthy little boy and I could not want for more! It really doesn't matter what age they do things, they all get there in the end anyway, just enjoy each stage as and when they happen... don't wish any of their life away, it goes far too quickly as it is!!
I think Bounty need to re think this. Maybe you should say 'Your baby may be able to...' rather than 'Is probably doing...' . It makes it sound like the norm that your baby should be doing this and I dont know many 8mnth olds that can pull themselves up to standing yet? Its not very helpful to already stressed Moms : /
My little boy just gone 8 months and he's exploring all the time. He crawls at the speed of light and loves climbing on all our furniture! He's been doing this for the last 6 weeks or so. As a mummy to 3 children i can honestly say every child is different and to take each day as it comes. Kiddies do things when they want to do them.
This article scared me!! as my 8 month old next week...has only just learned to roll over last week. so being able to stand up is a little further away! And im not sure she wants to talk either!
Thank goodness, plenty of people have said that babies develop at their own rates. I think Bounty may need to relook at their milestones - my hubby is a Paediatrician and would certainly not expect MOST 8 month olds to do these things. It is true that some babies at 8 months MAY be pulling themselves up (my first did but my current 8 month old is still trying to master crawling). It would be nice if the web site could make the differences in babies a bit clearer - personally I like the most and may examples used in NHS literature and on other sites. Us mums (and dads) have a pretty tough job anyway - it would be good not to have any unnecessary stress added to it ;-)
my baby will be 8 months tomorrow and can't do anything! she doesn't roll, sit, and i have only just got her to eat mushy food (once a day) should i be worried?
My son is just over 8 months and can pull himself around on his belly and get up on his knees but no crawling yet. He certainly isnt pulling himself up to standing thats for sure!!! But he has 10 teeth and has had his pincer grip since 6 months and also self feeds really well. Babies will develop at their own rate!!
i am a mum of two my little girl is only 7 month old and is rolling over but she hasnt really started to crawl, she is say dada, my older daughter who is five didnt crawl she started walking. so like they say dont worry childern will do things when they are ready xxx
I'm a mum of 5 and all of mine done different things at different ages, my eldest crawled at 6 months and walked at 10 months my son didn't crawl and didn't walk until he was 19 months old, purely because he was (and still is) lazy, my 4 yr old didn't crawl but was walking at 9 months completely on her own without support, my 2 yr old didn't crawl and started walking on her first birthday, and my 7 month old has only got the hang of rolling over onto her belly and no more, but she does already say dada, nana and yeah and other babble, all babies and toddlers progress differently for many different reasons, the best thing to do is NOT compare too much with other babies xx
All babies are different and develop at their own rate - it's normal and there's nothing to be worried about! My little girl is 8 months old, can't lye well on her front, has only just started rolling, can't stand on her own legs atall (even if i hold her up) and is only just sitting up - i'm not worried at all.
My baby is getting 9 month she's not crawling is this normal?
my baby is not crwaling and cant even stand properly in walker i m soooooooooo worried:-(
My little girl have same issues as missie3342 as anybody got any advice thank you
I agree with belinda48-try her in a baby walker if you haven't already done so. My 2nd daughter is one week away from being 8 months old and loves her Chicco DJ baby walker. We put her in it no more than twice a day for a maximum of 15-20 mins a time as she becomes tired. She's been using it for one month and is still only moving backwards in it, but it is helping to strengthen her legs and she has found out how to open the oven door and push the switches on the electrical wall sockets! She started crawling (dragging herself across the floor/bed lol) a week ago. Before crawling she was rolling from side-to-side like a ninja and was able to turn herself around 360 but wasn't crawling. I wouldn't worry about it too much as all babies do their own thing in their own time. My 1st daughter is 15yrs old and started crawling a little later at 9/10 months. Tummy time is important. Try to let your baby lie on her tummy whenever you can (although not just after a feed). My 8mo also used to cry when she was put on her front as she couldn't keep her head up for very long and got tired/frustrated-she then learnt how to spin like a ninja! Also, put lots of pillows around the edges of your bed and let your baby roll at least twice a day.
Don't worry. Two out of four children I had didn't walk until they were sixteen months. It's helpful to start them in a baby walker, whenever you feel she's ready. The good thing about delayed walking meant that they never went through the awful crawling stage.
My little girl is nearly 8 months old and she is not showing any signs of crawling/getting herself about. She is sitting up really well and has done since she was about 6 months but she only rolls onto her front and once she is there cries to be put on her back as she cant do it herself! She is doing everything else that she is "supposed" to be doing. He co-ordination is very good i.e hand to mouth with finger foods, reaching for objects, recognises her name, smiles, laughs etc its just the moving element im getting slightly worried about. She will use her legs if i hold her up but not for more than about 1 minute. Should i be getting worried?? I am a first time Mum and do not know what is "normal"!!