Teething symptoms

Some parents hardly notice that their baby is Teething until those first little teeth start to appear. Others find their little one has months of wakeful nights, chewing, crying and generally feeling quite miserable.

Signs of teething

What are the symptoms of teething?

Teething symptoms can include:

  • Lots of dribbling
  • Sore, swollen gums
  • Red, flushed cheeks
  • Restlessness and disturbed nights
  • Irritability or grumpiness
  • Chewing on fingers, toys or teething rings
  • Rejecting breast or poor appetite
  • More demand for breast-feeding
  • A raised temperature
  • Rubbing the cheek or ear on the side the new tooth is coming through

Baby teething problems

Karen, mum to 8 month old Toby says: “My son has one tooth already and I think he has another coming through. He‘s whingey and unsettled all day and then can‘t sleep at night unless I feed him almost continuously. I‘m now completely exhausted and so is he!“

When should you worry about baby teething symptoms?

Symptoms such as fever (a temperature above 39°C), diarrhoea, runny nose or nappy rash are sometimes thought of as being related to teething. Symptoms such as these are often caused by bugs or infections, so it is best to seek medical advice. As viral and bacterial infections are quite common in babies, if your baby seems unwell or if you are at all concerned, consult your doctor.

What is teething rash?

Some parents say their children have a nappy rash and slightly looser bowel movements when teething. But again, if your baby is suffering from diarrhoea they may have a tummy bug, so always check with your doctor if they seem unwell. Similarly, if your baby has a rash on their body, this should always be checked out by a doctor.

How do teething symptoms affect babies?

Teething can affect all babies differently. Some babies can develop a red rash on their chin from all that drooling! Dr Nigel Carter from the British Dental Health Foundation confirms that “Most children do suffer some teething pains. Babies may suffer from a high temperature when they are teething and their cheeks may appear red and be warm to the touch“.

Constant chewing can be a sign of teething problems, but they tend to put things into their mouths as part of a normal developmental stage too so this alone does not always signal teething.

They may find it soothing to gnaw on teething rings, toys or anything else they can get hold of, including fingers (their own or yours!) If your baby starts biting do not mistake this as a sign of aggression or bad temper. This is probably just an instinctive way of trying to ease the pain and discomfort in the gums.

During teething, many babies go off their usual milk feeds, as sucking can increase the blood flow to the already sore gums and cause more pain. That said, it is not at all unusual for babies to want to feed more as some find it comforting.

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What causes teething symptoms?

Teething in babies is often referred to as ‘cutting teeth‘. According to dental experts though, chemicals released in the body actually allow some of the cells in the gums to dissolve and separate in order for the teeth to grow.

The gums can still become sore and inflamed from the pressure of the tooth pushing through. In fact, it seems that the cheeks and jaws can ache and feel swollen or flushed with the movement of the teeth within the gums. Anyone who has had tooth ache will know just how uncomfortable this kind of pain can be.


My son started teething with 3 months, now he's almost 4, dribbling a lot, being moody and crying and shouting a couple of times per day. Max. 2 times per day teething gel is enough, I've heard that lidocaine included can affect baby's heart and calpol=paracetamol will destroy his stomach after a while. Chamomille tea or teetha are much better and healthier and help much more.
My baby boy is 8 weeks old and my mum thinks he might be teething as he keeps trying to chew his hand and dribbles quite a lot, is it possible for babies to start teething at this age?
My little girl is 13 weeks old on friday and i think she might be teething as she is dribbling more and has her hand in her mouth a lot, not sure what to do, as she is have plenty of sleep and enjoys her feeds although she is having more milk! xx
my son is 9 weeks old and normally content but last 2 days he has been chewing on his hands, dribbling and crying more especially in the evening. i got some bonjela which seem to settle him for a while last night i put a little calpol in some water and gave it him to drink he settled about half hour after. i think it is to do with teething as felt gums and very hard and tried to chew down on my finger.
My boy is 10weeks old and for the last week or 2 he has been chewing more, feeding more and rarely settles for long and he taps his cheek with a fist. I instantly put it down to teething as a gut feeling...i was giving him calpol as he has a high temp and rash. I stopped the calpol and got him some cherry teat teething dummies and they work wonders! Im a first time mum and love it (even with lack of sleep) i really would recommend trying the cherry teated teething dummies, since giving him them on a night time he settles a little better and normal dummies through the day he is content, sorry fpr long post :)
my son is 12 weeks, he dribbles a bit now, sucks his hand & thumb a lot (really hard too) however i do not think he is teething he is always settled, content & happy. only cries if he is tired or hungry. still sleeping through the night and feeding as normal
my son has been teething on and off since 10weeks. gnawing on his fists, dribbling, flushed cheeks, runny poo's, sore bum, sometimes breast feeding every hour, sometimes completely off his food, irritable & crying, not wanting to be put down or play on his gym. i took him to see gp just incase. he said it was too early to be teething & that it was probably colic, but i'm not convinced. not all babys are text book & i can clearly see 2 bottom teeth poking through! the medical profession don't recognise that some of these symptoms are teething. many parents however know they are!
My daughter is 19 weeks old and has been teething since 10 weeks. Recently she has been very bad going off her milk, crying every time she put something in her mouth. She is sick a lot when she puts her dummy in or a toy :(. I used to use Ashton and parsons powder for my 2 year old but they don't do that no more. I have tried everything so far and I don't want to have to use calpol all the time. Any advise ladies ? I haves used teething gels all of them. The teething granuals and Anbesol
Hi You can get the ashtons n parsons teething powders from co-op pharmacy and some boots stores, boots also do there own version too hope this helps x,
my 10 week old boy has started to become more irritable...off his breast feeds...which has really been worrying me...his fists r constantly in his mouth and he only settles with his dummy. Until a few days ago when these symptoms started he was so content and sleeping 8 hours at night. He spontaneously cries out..even in his sleep. I am seeing hv tomorrow and these comments have reassured me a little that it is just him teething. As I was concerned as he's not really dribbling or have red cheeks. But he's like a little tiger and does bite down on his and my hands. Thank you.
my little boy as being teething sins he was 12 week old now he is 6moths old he as two teeth now and as more comeing tho
My boy is 10 weeks and is constantly chewing on his hands and gets irritable i got some teething gel and it settles him sometimes my HV said it is possible he is teething
my lb was teething at 8 weeks and my midwife said it is possible to teeth at any age it just depends on the baby
my son is 12weeks today and is constantly feeding but when i take the bottle out his mouth he chucks up some of it but he is very whiny and chewing EVERYTHING and dribbling loads. my eldest didn't have any problems teething, didn't even know he had teeth till he bit me. x
Hi NyahShay That's really funny because I was thinking the same thing about my little boy and he's now 10 weeks and dribbling loads, has been trying to chew my nipple off as well as pulling off! trying to chew his fingers etc
My little girl is 10 weeks old an I think she is teething, she is dribbling loadz. Her baby grows are usually very wet. I asked the midwife if it was possible for her to be teething and she said no! I really not sure what to do, can anyone help me please!
The only think that worked on my daughter when she was teething was ANBESOL - liquid,that is for babies and u can get it in any chemist at the counter, dont mix it up with the adult gel please, ask the chemist.XX
My 7 week old has show most of these symptoms from about 4 weeks on, teeth have to develope inside the gum first befor they start to push up, this early stage can also cause symptoms too. Cause of her age she can't grasp or hold things so I give her tommie tippee first tethers it's a U shaped dummy, and she has a Baltic Amber necklace she wears all the time, because she is too young for any powders or jells, this has stopped her pulling her ears and eased the other symptoms, google Balticamberteethingnecklace for more info. She is cutting her bottom front teeth and I can see more red lumps in her gums at the back. Good luck moms it's not nice seeing our little ones uncomfortable.
my little rosie hasn't any teeth yet but she is very unsettled throughout the day and doesnt sleep at night its been like this now for over a week and were both exhausted, poor kiddies tho must be very uncomfortable for them
very good for tooth pain is lemon, squise a bit and put on baby's sore gums,
My baby was 6 months old when she got 3 teeth the front ones now we think she is getting a couple at the back and all she does is dribble and chew but we have been very blessed that she doesnt seem to be bothered by them and she is still sleeping through the night and still eating her 3 meals a day lol so im hopeing we will carry on being blessed with a really happy baby x
i saw two tooth of my baby when he was only 7 months 's start
my baby has all of the above signs but hes not eating hardly anything what can i do to make sure he eats more?
My twins are the teething I found by putting though pas te helps as by rubbing the gums which th ey like
My twins are the teething I found by putting though pas te helps as by rubbing the gums which th ey like
My twins are the teething I found by putting though pas te helps as by rubbing the gums which th ey like
My twins are the teething I found by putting though pas te helps as by rubbing the gums which th ey like
My twins are the teething I found by putting though pas te helps as by rubbing the gums which th ey like
my son is 9 months old and just got his first tooth have tried calpol, teething gels and teething toothpaste but nothing seems to settle him hes not sleeping properly, nappy-rash suddenly occurred yesterday (1st time hes had it) every nappy is a disgusting one and he will only eat about 2 spoons of each meal and wont take his bottles not to sue what to do have made him a doctors appointment but isnt until friday any tips?
my baby is 30weeks,started itching her ears,putting her hand inside her mouth,but what i notice was,her gum swell up and red,rash on her chin,that meas teething.Thanks.
my baby is 30weeks,started itching her ears,putting her hand inside her mouth,but what i notice was,her gum swell up and red,rash on her chin,that meas teething.Thanks.
this is some good advice. i thought my baby had an itching problem because hes always itching his ear and cheeks are really red but now i know why. thank you
this is some good advice. i thought my baby had an itiching problem because hes always itching his ear and cheeks are really red but now i know why. thank you
With my son I used Ashton and Parsons powders which were great and sugar free bonjela. Once they are weaning a cold whole carrot works well too. My thirteen week old seems to be teething already which is proving a bit of a trial but I am sure it will get easier....
Im not sure if my 13 week old is teething or not, he's usually very content but he's been having burts where he just screams. He also spits and dribbles and everything he has he puts straight into his mouth. Also on his bottom gum you can see what looks like the two front teeth starting to come through. Does this sound like he's teething or is it just me imagining it?
My baby is 9 weeks old and she is teething already
i use calgel and its fab x
I dont know if my girl is teething or not, she is only 12 weeks old and so im probably being paranoid. She is a little bit.more unsettled at night again now as did start sleeping long stretches. Now she harder to put back down. But how do i know its not jus the heat. Also she dribbles.more alond with blowing bubbles lol. Munches on her fist loads and chews the dummy teat in her cheek but does this really mean shes teething.......jus have to wait and see i guess!
my baby has been showing all these symptoms of teething, i tried using bonjela teething gel it brought some kind of a rush on her cheeks, i discontinued . is there any other product that can make wonders, been experiencing sleepless nights , having read this article has revived me. i feel much more confident . thanks alot
having read this article, am very sure my 12 wks old son is teething. he has bcome grumpy,clinging, cries more often and has disturbed nights. his dribbling has increased and he puts everything straight into his mouth, this sunday at church he grab a lady sitting besides us and started chewing on her finger. have teething rings ,should probably start to use it now to see whether it will ease his discomfort.
my son is 14wks old after reading this definetly reckon his teething to, but has gone the other way and gone off his feeds. poor thing altough bonjela did help the other day i dont want to be giving him this constantly. I have teething rings but his not fully grasping things yet but i will hold it up to him to see if this helps
my daugther is only now 12 weeks and 4 days, and i am preety sure she is teething already. she is more grumpy than normal, demanding more food and is constantly trying to munch on her fingers. its a nightmere as i feel so helpless when she crys in pain. but she does enjoy munching on a nice cold toothing ring. i thought it was too early but her gums are so hard, im just so tired as she is up every hour and a half crying not wanting her dummy or milk just putting her hands to her face. will be worth the sleepless nights soon x