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Colic is a condition rather than an illness and the cause is still unknown....more

  • Eczema

    There are different types of eczema – an itchy, flaky skin condition...

  • Fever

    In children under five years old a temperature of 37.5°C and over...

  • Immunisations

    There’s a comprehensive programme of immunisations offered to all babies and children...

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How should I care for my baby's skin?

Why plain water is best for at least the first month, by Sharon Trotter more

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Sleep solutions

It's never too early to get a bedtime routine going so you can all get a good night's... ...more


What's so special about breastmilk?

10 reasons why breast really is best for your baby ...more

Baby health

Poorly babies

Ways to help your baby through some common illnesses during the first year ...more