Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Portrait Security Number (PSN)

What is a Portrait Security Number (PSN)?

Every time a customer has a portrait taken, they are given a unique Portrait Security Number (PSN). This is the unique code that will allow you to access the Bounty Portrait website to view your baby’s images. You use this code along with your postcode to enter the site. Customers will need to keep this safe and only pass it on to people who they consent to viewing and purchasing an image of their baby.

2. Having trouble logging into the website?

Have you lost your Portrait Security Number (PSN)?

You can easily retrieve your Portrait Security Number by going here and clicking "Forgotten your Security Number?"

Have you entered your correct Post Code? Have you moved recently?

You need to enter the Post Code that you provided to the photographer at the time of baby’s birth.

3. Having your newborn portrait taken

Q – I would like to have my baby’s portrait taken while in hospital, how can I be sure that I don’t miss the Bounty Photographer?

A - Our photographers are usually on the ward in the mornings from 9.00am onwards, so you can let her know you would like your baby’s portrait taken. However, if you are in the hospital for a short stay and you miss our photographer, then simply call the customer service line on 03458 300 300 and we may be able arrange for you to revisit the hospital at a suitable time to have your portrait taken.

Q - My baby was born early and I don’t have a blanket or clothing with me, can I still have my baby’s portrait taken?

A - Yes, no problem, we can capture your baby’s image without clothing, and gently wrap your newborn in a hospital blanket.

Q – I know you make a contribution to the hospital for every baby’s portrait that you take, but do I have to purchase the image?

A – You are under no obligation to have a photo taken, however if you do consent you would be entitled to a free portrait gift, with no obligation to purchase. The images are uploaded onto our secure website within 48 hours. We will provide you with a Portrait Security Number (PSN), combined with your postcode this will allow you to access our website to view your images.

4. Storing your newborn's portraits

Q – How long do I have to wait to view my baby’s image on-line?

A – Once the Bounty Photographer has taken a portrait of your new baby, the portrait is normally available online the following day but may take up to 48 hours to arrive.

Q – How long do you keep the portraits of my newborn for?

A – With effect from February 2017 your baby portraits will be kept for 4 years, after which time they will be deleted. If you wish to have the portraits removed earlier than this standard, please contact our customer services team.

Q – How do you store and protect my baby’s portraits?

A - Your baby’s portraits are stored on a secure server which is password protected. Only you and your family and friends that you choose to share your Portrait Security Number (PSN) and postcode with, will have access to the portraits.

5. Our products

Q – Can you explain why I have to buy a Main Collection before I can purchase any other products?

A – The cost of providing the service in hospitals needs to be covered, in order to do so we have to have a minimum order value for the first purchase. You will need to purchase ONE Main Collection; this can be The Gift Collection, a Portrait Acrylic Panel, a Portrait Set, a Card Collection or a Mini Portrait Set. Once you have purchased any of these products you are eligible to purchase any products in our range.

Q – Does the Keepsake Folder that comes with The Gift Collection come in different colours?

A - No the keepsake folder only comes in teal.

Q – Are the keyrings assembled?

A – Yes they will arrive with you already assembled.

Q – Can you explain the Half Price Additional Collection offer?

A – Once you have purchased ONE Main Collection, you will be eligible to get an additional Main Collection of the same value or less at half price. See the grid below to see what offers you are eligible for.

6. Payment options

Q - If I choose to purchase some products what methods of payment are there?

A – You can choose to pay either in the maternity ward, online or phoning our customer services team. We accept the following methods of payment.

Maternity Ward


Customer Services

Q - Can I pay for the order in installments?

A – Yes, payment installment plans can be agreed, please contact our customer services team on 03458 300 300 who will be happy to help you. Once the balance has been settled, the order is printed, and normally despatched within 7 working days.

Q – How long does delivery usually take?

A – Orders will be despatched within 7 working days of receipt of full payment and delivered by second class post. Any orders placed for the canvases, box frames and acrylic blocks will be sent separately and normally arrive after your main order.

Q – How will my order be delivered?

A – Bounty uses the Royal Mail Postal Service and all orders are sent second class. The orders will normally fit through a standard size letter box. In some instances Royal Mail delivery staff may not post the orders through the letter box, to ensure the photographs remain undamaged. They will knock on your front door to personally hand over your order. Should there be no answer they normally leave a card for the order to be collected from your local Post Office.

Q – What happens if my order hasn’t been received within 7 working days?

A – Please check with your local post/sorting office as it may be there awaiting collection. Should your order not be at the local post/sorting office, then call our customer services team on 03458 300 300, and they will check the status of your order. Royal Mail terms dictate that 15 working days must be allowed for, therefore if no delivery has been received after such time, contact customer services and they will send you an insurance form to complete and return.

7. Cancelling an order and refunds

Q – Can an order be cancelled and fully refunded if I change my mind?

A – Orders may be cancelled or amended within 24 hours of being placed by contacting Customer Services.

Q – The order has been received and I don’t like them, please can I have a refund?

A – When the portrait is taken by the Bounty photographer, our customers choose the portrait they would like to have printed. When the order is received by the customer and they are not satisfied with the image that was chosen, we are unable to offer any form of refund, as the portraits are made to order. If the portraits are of unsatisfactory quality, please return one of the images to our freepost address with a covering letter. If there is a quality issue, we will see if the portrait can be improved and we will replace your portraits. Alternatively, we will arrange another portrait to be taken or issue a refund on receipt of all portraits.

8. What do I do if I miss the Bounty photographer?

Q – How can I have portraits of my newborn baby taken if I was not seen by a Bounty Photographer, during my stay in Hospital?

A – Simply call our helpful customer service team on 03458 300 300 and we may be able to make arrangements for you to return to the hospital within a couple of days and have your newborn’s portrait taken.

Q – Can the Bounty Photographer take the portraits of my newborn baby at my home?

A – Due to the size of the equipment supplied to our Bounty Photographers, they are unable to take this to a customer’s home. In addition to this, the Bounty Photographers are only insured to take portraits in the hospitals.

Q – What is the age limit for my baby if I am going back to the Hospital to have portraits taken?

A – Some hospitals have different guidelines, due to risk of infection to newborn babies, however this is generally up to 2 months of age. If your baby is over 2 months old we would need to contact the hospital to see if they will allow you to return to the hospital.

9. Friends and family viewing and purchasing portraits

Q – I would like my friends and family to see the image, do they have access to the website?

A – It is entirely up to you, you will have a unique Portrait Security Number (found on an email sent from Bounty Portrait or on your Product Leaflet you received in hospital) and you can give that out to your friends and family so they can view the portraits online – combined with your postcode. It is up to you to ensure that you only give these details to friends/family who you wish to have access to your baby’s portraits. When they are online, they too can purchase copies of the portrait or buy collections on your behalf.

Q – My parents would like to purchase the portrait for me, how can they do this?

A – You will have a unique Portrait Security Number (PSN) and you can give that to your parents along with your postcode so they can view the portrait online. When they are online, they can purchase one of the main collections on your behalf and then any additional items that you would like.