Family Investments: Junior ISA

Family Investments: Junior ISA

Family Investments: the adventure is about to begin

Introducing the Junior ISA from Family Investments

Here at Bounty, we’re always looking for new ways to help you prepare for your child’s future and all their adventures to come. That’s why we’re pleased to team up with Family Investments, the award-winning children’s savings specialists, to offer our members their stocks and shares Junior ISA.

We know it seems a long way off, but putting a little money aside for your child while they are young, could really give them a useful lump sum when they turn 18. The Junior ISA is a tax-efficient investment account designed to help you do just that. The money invested could help towards something for your child, like a new car, setting up a first home or maybe funding further education.

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The Family Investments Junior ISA

What type of account is the Family Investments Junior ISA?
The Family Investments Junior ISA is a stocks and shares Junior ISA. This means it will have good potential to grow over the longer term, however, the value can fall as well as rise and the child could get back less than is paid in.

Who is eligible?
Children under the age of 16, who did not qualify for a Child Trust Fund.

Is the account tax efficient?
Yes, returns will be free from income tax and capital gains tax. However, tax advantages depend on your and the child's individual circumstances and the tax treatment of Junior ISAs may change in the future.

What are the account limits?
You can invest up to £4,000 in the current tax year, however, this limit will be reduced if payments are being made into a cash Junior ISA elsewhere.

Who can open the account?
Parents and guardians only.

Can others pay into the account once it’s set up?
Yes, family and friends can also contribute to the account.

What is the minimum monthly Direct Debit payment?
You can invest from just £10 a month.

Can I access the money?
No, only the child can access the money and only from their 18th birthday. However, they can manage the account themselves from age 16.

Can the account be managed online?
Yes, Family Investments online account management option offers the Registered Contact a variety of features, such as online statements and managing payments.


Claim up to £20 Boots vouchers
As a thank you, when you open a Junior ISA account with a monthly Direct Debit of £10 or more, we'll send you a £10 Boots voucher. If the Direct Debit is set up for £20 or more, we'll send you a £20 voucher. Gift vouchers will not be dispatched until two Direct Debits have credited the child's account. This may take up to 90 days.

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If you're pregnant

You'll have enough to think about as the big day approaches, so register your due date today and Family Investments will send you a free ‘Money guide'. This handy booklet is packed with useful information to help you with your changing finances during, and just after, your pregnancy.

Then, just before your baby is born, you'll be sent information on the Junior ISA just when you need it. You'll be able to apply right away and start to build them a brighter financial future.

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Why choose Family Investments

Winner Money facts Awards 2012

In 2012 Family Investments won the first ever Moneyfacts Award for Best Junior ISA Provider. They have over 35 years’ experience, currently looking after £4.5 billion worth of savings for over 1.8 million families. It’s this expertise that led them to offer Junior ISAs that you can research, open and manage online. They understand that as a busy Mum or Dad, your spare time is precious. That’s why they have made applying for their Junior ISA as convenient as possible.

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