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10 signs that you're a mum

We put it down on, er, paper

Packet of wet wipes handy? Trolley full of milk and a social media profile full of baby photos?

These are just some of the signs of being a mum.


That’s the latest from Asda, which surveyed 2500 mums and came up with a list of 50 signs that showed they had kids, from being permanently ‘wired’, rushing everywhere and always watching TV on catch-up or Sky+ - never live.

According to the supermarket we also choose comfort over fashion as well as being able to spot a temperature ten paces away.

We also have a photos of our children as a screensaver, always have tissues in our handbags and can fall asleep anywhere.

 A spokesperson for the supermarket said: "Mums have a natural instinct to be prepared for all eventualities when they have children.

"From stocking up on milk to always having nappies, tissues and wet wipes stored away in their handbag - mum is most definitely a 'wonder woman'.

Asda came up with fifty signs but for fun we thought we’d do some of ours.

Here’s the top signs that you’re a mum – Bounty style.  

  1. You treat a baby event like a sale at Harrods – God help anyone who tries to push in front of you.
  2. The Wheels on the Bus, Jack and Jill and Little Bo Peep pop up at random times on your iPhone while your music’s on shuffle.
  3. You automatically coo ‘Hello’ at the person on the other end of the phone
  4. You’ve forgotten what sleep is
  5. You never leave the house without smelling your baby’s bottom
  6. You continuously pray that your baby will sleep in their pram so you can have 5 minutes of ‘shopping time’
  7. A glass of wine is a rare treat that you enjoy – but it takes a long time to express that breast milk before you can even take a sip
  8. You’ve learnt how to creep around so well and avoid every single creak in the house that you’d make a great secret spy
  9. Your bath is now a shrine to rubber ducks and water activated floating fish that always seem to go off as soon as you begin to relax in a very rare soak
  10. You open your bag to pull out your purse and get a nappy instead.

10 signs that you're a mum