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Baby defies the odds

Celebrates first birthday after doctor's said he wouldn't be born alive

A baby boy who doctors warned wouldn’t make it has defied the odds and celebrated his first birthday.

Michael was born at 26 weeks weighing a teeny tiny 1Ib 12oz after his mum’s waters broke at 18 weeks.


At the time doctors told her that her little boy wouldn’t make it and suggested she should accept their offer to induce labour to end her pregnancy.

However, Michelle Moloney refused, ignoring warnings that she could miscarry within 10 days and managed to starve off labour till she hit 26 weeks.

 'It was absolutely devastating', Mrs Moloney told the Daily Mail.

'The baby was very scrunched up and very tiny.' Doctors said they could either induce labour or let nature take its course in up to ten days.

'I could feel my baby move.

'There was no way I could go through with an induction.'

Although Michelle went home expecting to miscarry, her little fighter carried on and when he was born at 26 weeks doctors fought for 20 minutes to revive him.

Now little Michael has just celebrated his first birthday, proving to everyone what a little fighter and miracle he really is.

Happy birthday little man!

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Baby defies the odds