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Baby fixes mother's broken heart

Tissues at the ready, this is such an amazing story that will have you in tears…

A mother who was left fighting for her life made a miracle recovery after she was allowed to sleep next to her three month old son.

Holli Cheung was in hospital after being diagnosed with a rare virus which attacks heart muscles – myocarditis.

Weird things about newborns

The condition had caused two cardiac arrests and doctors thought her only chance of survival was a heart transplant.

However, when Holli’s hubby left their three month old baby boy Jordan sleeping by her side, her heart began to beat again.

'My baby saved me, there's no doubt about that,' Mrs Cheung, who hadn’t seen her little boy for ten days before he was placed next to her, said.

'I think that for whatever reason, he woke up my heart.

'I have no idea what happened that night. All I know is that when the doctors and consultants came round on their ward rounds the next day, they were astonished to see my heart beating.

'After that night, slowly but surely, my heart got a little stronger and I started to recover.' 

It’s amazing what a mother and baby bond can do…

Baby fixes mother's broken heart