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Leon dress mummy day one: Sportswear and leather…


So, it’s London Fashion Week – well it starts on Friday but we’re celebrating the launch from today!

In my ‘previous life’ or, the one before my little boy Leon, I would have been donning my quirkiest clothes and hitting the catwalks ready to eagerly report on the Autumn/Winter trends for my job as a fashion journalist.

Fun? Yes. Fulfilling – after becoming a mum I’m not so sure.

That said, I still haven’t lost my fashion roots and always try to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not.

 And it seems my love of fashion has filtered down to the three year old with daily morning debates about what he should wear.

Currently he won’t wear anything that doesn’t contain orange. Even the trusty Superman tee is pushing it. As for the shoes – let’s just say he’s wearing Astroturf’s because they were the only pair I could find in that colour.

So with this in mind we decided to give a little twist to London Fashion Week – turning it into a Bounty style spectacular.

This week I’ll be asking Little Gok, aka Leon, to pick my outfits and I’ll be posting them daily to show you all.

Of course this isn’t a new idea, but in the name of fashion we thought it would be fun.

So as we hit day one here’s my outfit chosen by Leon.

And keep reading below because we want you to join in! 

London Fashion Week

Sportswear and leather – it’s thankfully quite tame but I’m not sure this is a trend that’s going to take off…

Now we want you to get involved too getting your little ones to dress you and then showing us the results on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #Babydressmummyfashionweek.

At the end of the week we’ll ask our resident Little Gok to pick who he thinks is the best dressed and the lucky mum will win £50 of shopping vouchers to buy herself a brand new outfit!

Whether you choose to take your tot is up to you!

Leon dress mummy day one: Sportswear and leather…