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Conjoined twins separated in world first operation


Any baby is a miracle, but conjoined twins are so special.

So it goes without saying that any operation to try and separate them for a better way of life is brave but so important.


That was a decision the parents of conjoined twins Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith Mata had to make.

The pair were born joined at the chest and abdomen and shared major organs such as lungs, liver, intestines, colon, pelvis and the lining of the heart.

And it was down to their parents Elysse and John Eric to decide whether they should have surgery to separate them – the first ever operation to be performed of this kind as a result of the twins sharing so many joint organs.

The pair decided that it was right to try the 26-hour surgery operation on their ten month old little girls, which involved 12 surgeons, six anesthesiologists and eight surgical nurses at the Texas Children's Hospital.

However, this op wasn’t the only one with the twins having a five hour operation in December to prepare them for the separation. This involved placing custom-made tissue expanders into their chest and abdomen to help their organs stretch.

 Knatalye and Adeline are now recovering from their main op in the Texas based hospital.

We wish the family all the best for the future. 

Conjoined twins separated in world first operation