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Think you’re partner is part of a new wave of hands on dads like David Beckham and Brad Pitt?

New research says they are way behind the times.

We’ve all cooed over David Beckham walking down the street holding adorable Harper, while Brad Pitt makes bringing up six children a total doddle.

However, while we may go all soft and gooey over seeing pics of celebs – and indeed gloat about how lucky we are that our other halves are such amazing dads, they are just doing what other generations have been doing for years!

David Beckham and Harper Seven

Image: Harper Seven Beckham Instagram

According to research from the universities of Manchester and Leeds which looked at the roles of dads in the 19th and 20th centuries, dads were much more involved in their children’s lives than we’ve previously recognised. And this dispels the myth that all men did were work while their wives looked after the kids!

The research quashes the widely-held belief that there has been a generational shift in attitudes to fatherhood and that the ‘New Man’ is more at ease with his parenting role and more engaged with his children – a departure from previous generations.

Dr Julie-Marie Strange from The University of Manchester examined Victorian working-class fathers.

She said, “the notion that fathers are redefined by the modern new man just isn’t true. Since the Victorian era men seem to have been just as hands-on as they are today and equally as open and affectionate with their off-spring.”

Is your partner a hands-on-dad? Talk to other mums in the Community, or help your partner understand about the the first few weeks with a newborn by getting them to read our dad’s point of view on this. 

Think you’re partner is part of a new wave of hands on dads like David Beckham and Brad Pitt?