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Elf star is having a baby!

New arrival for New Girl actress

With actresses announcing pregnancies quicker than you can say ‘camera, lights, action’, we sometimes miss a few.

However, when one of our fave stars tells the world she’s pregnant – there’s no-way we’re going to miss a trick here.


Elf star and New Girl regular Zooey Deschanel has said she’s ‘over the moon’ to be expecting her first baby with boyfriend Jacob Pechenik whom she has been dating since July.

And the pair are reportedly ‘so excited’ to meet their ‘little one’.

Although the couple haven’t specified the month their baby is due, they have hinted that it will be a summer baby.

And it seems Zooey’s little one will also have a playmate – and Zooey a mum mate – with the actress’s sister Emily, also pregnant with her second.

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Elf star is having a baby!