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Footballer and singer welcome new baby

We can't wait to see the pictures

Awwww! This couple makes beautiful babies so we can’t wait to catch a glimpse of their newest arrival.

Guessed who we’re talking about?


No? Don’t worry – we know it’s Friday!

For those who hadn’t, it’s Shakira and her (hot) beau Gerard Piqué who welcomed a baby boy into the world this week.

The yet to be named bubba was born in Barcelona where the couple have lived for the past few years with their other son, two year old Milan.

And we bet the tot can’t wait to meet his new brother and playmate!

As well as lots of play, it also seems the couple have high hopes for both their boys.

Talking to a Brazilian TV show last year, Shakira spoke about raising her children in a multi-cultural environment and encouraging them to enjoy learning.

She told the show that she believed that any child could learn languages before they were three.

‘We expose Milan to Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Russian and Chinese…it's never too early to start teaching and exposing them to books even as newborns,’ she said. 

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Footballer and singer welcome new baby