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Tesco freezer bag saves two babies's lives

Premature babies given a new lease of life

Chicken, meat and cheese. All common things we use freezer bags for.

And now it seems these can also be used to save babies!

Freezer bag

Well a brother and sister who were born prematurely to be precise!

The life savers in question were 20p Tesco freezer bags, which mimicked the comfort of Emma Blakey’s womb after she gave birth to two premature babies two years apart.

“Tesco saved both my babies, I have a lot to thank them for,” Emma said.

The story begins when her little girl Willow was born at 29 weeks in 19 November 2012 weighing 3Ib and rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit. Two years later Zach was born at 27 weeks weighing 2lb 15oz.

Both times the teeny tiny babies were placed in little freezer bags, which nurses said kept them warm and made them feel like they were back in the womb!


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Tesco freezer bag saves two babies's lives