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Is Lady Gaga really pregnant?

Rumours resurface...

Has this star dropped her poker face and admitted she’s pregnant?

We’ve been here before but maybe, just maybe the rumours this time are true.

Lady Gaga

According to Celebrity Laundry, OK Magazine has featured an image of Lady Gaga in a long flowing dress with an obvious baby bump!

The mag carried on adding fuel to the fire claiming, ‘Lady Gaga’s recent wardrobe choices seem to be about more than just fashion. The newly engaged singer has either packed on the pounds in premarital bliss, or she is hiding a baby bump!

‘On April 29 the mama monster stepped out in Malibu in a billowing cover-up tied suspiciously high on the waist.’

Now we can’t be totally sure about this rumour, after all it is Lady Gaga and she’s not known for her subtle style, but we hope that there is indeed a ‘little monster’ to-be.

With Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney’s genes we know they’ll be nothing but gorgeous, and we can imagine how cute they’ll look in their little togs picked out by Lady G!

Is Lady Gaga really pregnant?