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Kate Middleton drops a hint about the sex of her baby

Or is she just throwing us off the scent...

With a mere couple of weeks until the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to her second child, guesses on the gender are hotting up.

And it seems Kate Middleton – or K Middy, as we like to call her – has been dropping more than a few hints on the sex of the second little Royal.

Are Kate and Wills having a baby girl?

Well, that’s if you go buy the colour of paint she’s looking at for the new nursery.

It’s rumoured that the mum-to-be and hubby Wills have been testing out paints in the colours lilac, pink and aubergine by interior company Annie Sloan – a sure fire sign that they are expecting a girl!

Or it could all be a cunning rouse to throw us all off the scent…

However, if they are indeed expecting a girl we wonder if they’ll go for a traditional name to match their little boy’s.

If they do, we love Alice and Victoria, while Lily or Rose could add a modern sophisticated twist.

Who knows though? Perhaps we'll be surprised with something unique and unusual..

Kate Middleton drops a hint about the sex of her baby