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Mum still breastfeeding her 6 year old daughter

Mum and daughter share a special bond

London mum hit the breastfeeding headlines this week

Mum of two Denise Sumpter announced that she still feeds her 6 year old daughter, Belle.

Breastfeeding 6 year old

Denise, who also feeds 18 month old son Beau, is a firm advocate of breastfeeding. A believer that women need help, not hounding, she spoke out against recent negative comments reported in the press, describing them as “unhelpful”.  She added, “What we need is more openness and more truth so mums can make informed decisions”.

A firm believer in baby-led weaning, Denise had not intended to feed her daughter for so long. She feels her decision was helped by a strong support network that includes her husband and close friends, although admits she’s had her fair share of raised eyebrows, even from her own relatives. Support from La Leche League helped her to continue and she’s confident that her children have benefited from extended breastfeeding.  “If you’d asked me five years ago I never would have thought I’d still be breastfeeding Belle. However, it turned out to be one of the best things I could have done for my family” she said.

While many mums choose to breastfeed when their little ones are tiny, it’s rare that they continue past the one-year point. Now that she’s six Belle doesn't feed in public, nor regularly, but Mrs Sumpter feels happy with her decision to let Belle decide when she’s ready to stop.

Recent news stories of breastfeeding upsets, including UKIP leader Nigel Farage telling women to cover up, a top London hotel demanding the same, plus the accompanying outrage and protest all serve to further demonstrate the emotive nature of breastfeeding. 

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Mum still breastfeeding her 6 year old daughter