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Mum fights to raise money for her baby's treatment

Inspiring story

The moment you become a mum all your priorities change.

And as soon as they are placed in your arms you know you’d fight till the end to make sure they have what they need.

That was the case for one mum who managed to raise £2000 in just one day to get her baby the treatment he needed for flat head syndrome.

At three months old Miles was diagnosed with the condition – when the back of the head becomes flattened causing it to widen and bulge at the front of the skull.

However, the NHS, which believed this condition is not medically dangerous and often caused by a baby sleeping on their back, said it would not pay for the treatment which it saw as ‘cosmetic’.

However, Mile’s mum Kate wasn’t convinced and began researching the condition online. There she found that in some cases flat head syndrome could cause facial problems and in worst case scenarios, blindness.

A private clinic said it would treat Miles with a helmet that would help this condition, but it would cost £2000.

Like many of us Kate didn’t have the money to hand so the dedicated mum set up a GoFundMe account and wrote a Facebook status describing Miles' situation.

In just 24 hours her plight had helped raise the money that she needed!

It just goes to show that when we put our minds to doing something for our children.

Mum fights to raise money for her baby's treatment