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One Bounty mum talks about her life with a 6 month old - Tells dads how it should be done

By Karen Millard

Dads, your baby is almost 6 months old, you had a tough time both emotionally and physically holding your wife's hand through labour and child birth, especially those of you whose babies decided to come in the middle of the night meaning you had no sleep for one whole night.

You should be starting to feel a little more like your old self now you've had a few months to recover.

It's important to make time for your partner, you might be feeling a little bit neglected by your partner but that's because she has been working very hard over the last 6 months (and the 9 months before that of pregnancy and all the years before that if this is not your first child) caring for the baby 24hrs a day to enable you to continue with your career. She has also been there so you can go to the pub for 'just one drink' as it's been a tough day at work.

It's lovely that you get weekends off together, but be mindful that when you go fishing, football, gym, golf, cricket, pub, mountain biking, assault courses or whatever else you enjoy doing to get a bit of rest, fun or 'you time' because it's your day off and you've been working hard all week. 

Your partner is still working looking after the children. There is no such thing as weekdays and weekends for a mum (and before you kindly remind your partner that she met friends for coffee remember she had the children so that doesn't count, nor does the time she went to a friends house for dinner as she had already got the kids to sleep before she went.)

But don't worry, with a bit of creativity and determination you can bring some romance back into your relationship by spending the weekend with your partner and children going out somewhere nice as a family that you initiate. 

Spread the load with the childcare on your days out by making sure you are watching them and taking care of their needs as much as your partner is. Let them know how much you love spending time with them and show them how much you like them by coaxing the little one out of a temper tantrum with patience, humour and love.

By telling the older ones how much you love watching them jump off the same log 25 times cos they think you will be proud of them, by telling your 5 year old daughter how much you loved the princess film and which one is your favourite princess ever! And by walking round holding the baby singing horsey horsey for the hundredth time as that is the only song that stops them crying. 

One Bounty mum talks about her life with a 6 month old - Tells dads how it should be done