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Impressive artistic flair encourages toddler to eat healthy options

Mum gets Disney inspiration and more to get toddler to eat his veg

Get artistic and kids will eat their veg, worked for this mum!

Disney characters and more help toddler to eat his fruit and veg

Mickey Mouse fruit and veg

Who hasn’t had the crisis mealtimes with little ones trying to get them to eat their vegetables? Whether weaning or dealing with a fussy eater further down the line, all mums need to take a look at this mum’s impressive efforts to get son Jacob to eat his fruit and veg. 

Australian mum Laleh Mohmedi, frustrated with son Jacob’s lack of interest in fruit and veg decided to take matters into her own hands and get artistic to interest her son in the foods he should be eating.

And the results, well take a look for yourselves…a host of Disney characters and other children's favourites created from the foods she wants him to eat, brilliant!

And if inspiration isn’t your strong point, just take a little from here.

MARLIN & DORY from FINDING NEMO Cured Wild Australian #Salmon with #nori, #rice (dyed blue using purple cabbage), #corn and #kimchi #bentousa

A photo posted by JACOB'S FOOD DIARIES (@jacobs_food_diaries) on

Impressive artistic flair encourages toddler to eat healthy options