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Parents of baby girl branded 'selfish' and 'cruel'

But Vicky and Simon Moore defend their decision to have a baby

The parents of a baby girl born with the same genetic condition as her dad have been called ‘selfish’ and ‘cruel’.

Baby Alice was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome – a genetic condition which can cause undeveloped facial bones, ear abnormalities and breathing an airway difficulties.


It’s caused by the mutation of certain genes and has a 50% chance of being passed on to offspring if present in a parent’s genes.

Speaking on This Morning Alice’s parent’s, Simon and Vicky Moore, were forced to justify why they had their baby to those who had cruelly pointed fingers,  when they knew that there was a high chance she too would be born with the condition – which her dad has.

They said that while gene screening was available to them before they had IVF they chose not to run with this as it was too expensive. Instead they told viewers and those who had been so vocal about their little girl that they should ‘broaden their minds’.

Simon added that Alice would have ‘fantastic parents growing up,’ while Vicky claimed that Alice wouldn’t need bone construction or suffer from breathing difficulties.

She added that apart from a hearing aid it would be Alice’s choice on whether she wanted cosmetic surgery later on.

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Parents of baby girl branded 'selfish' and 'cruel'