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Rebecca Adlington on parenting

Olympic swimmer talks candidly about life now she has seven month old Summer

Rebecca Adlington on parenting

The Olympian doesn’t hold back on life now she’s a parent

Rebecca Adlington on parenting

  • An honest view

Rebecca Adlington

Photo by: Press Eye Ltd/REX Shutterstock

Celebs are often portrayed in the media looking nothing less than perfect after giving birth, and many ‘real’ mums look on with envy as they swoon about their perfect baby and their perfect relationship in their £1million home.

So it’s incredibly refreshing to see not just a celebrity, but an Olympic gold medal winner describing parenting as ‘bloody hard’.

Well done Rebecca, yes it is hard. Rewarding, satisfying and wonderful, but hard work.

The Olympic swimmer and husband Harry have daughter Summer who is seven months old.

Rebecca spoke to the Daily Mail recently and said childbirth was harder than setting a world record: “An 800 metres lasted eight minutes 14 seconds, I was in labour for 22 hours.”

Rebecca even spoke openly about the strain having a baby has put on her and husband Harry’s relationship.

She said: “Harry and I have had plenty of arguments. We're knackered. A lot of mums have six or eight months off. I had two months and had to go back to work.”

Like many families, Rebecca is a self-employed working mum and is the only working parent as husband Harry is studying graphic design full time.

We know how you feel Rebecca, and well done for being so honest!

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Rebecca Adlington on parenting

  • An honest view

Rebecca Adlington on parenting