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Scientists say this common pregnancy condition is 'all in the mind'

'Baby brain' is a 'stereotype'... Apparently

Many of us get very forgetful during pregnancy.

And after you’ve had your little one, we think it’s perfectly normal to forget where you’ve put things.

Baby brain

We once put a pack of ham in the washing machine – yes really! 

For years this has commonly been put down to ‘baby brain’ and has been a very acceptable excuse for lots of ditsy things we may do.

Until now.

In their latest piece of research, US scientists have found that ‘baby brain’ doesn’t exist and the condition is in fact ‘all in the mind’ and a ‘stereotype’.

The research team from Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City set to prove their theory by putting 21 mums-to-be through a range of mental tests a few weeks before their baby was due.

They then repeated these tests a few weeks after their little ones had arrived.

Another 21 women who weren’t mums or mums-to-be were then asked to complete the same tests.

From the results the scientists concluded that there was no difference between the way the two groups reacted when it came to memory, thought processes and attention spans. 

However, when asked about how they thought they had performed the mums and mums-to-be said they felt they had done badly, leading Professor Larson, leader of the research to claim that these women should realise that what they were feeling was all in their minds and if they believed their mind was working at full capacity, then it would.  

We’re not sure what to make of this research but while the term ‘baby brain’ is still being bandied around we’ll continue to use it!

Scientists say this common pregnancy condition is 'all in the mind'