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baby news

Why this baby name choice has hit the headlines

And seen a judge overrule a mother’s choice of name for her baby

The baby name choice that the courts wouldn’t allow

One mum has been overruled by a court and court of appeal for her out there baby name choice

The baby name

  • That got the courts involved

Baby names post it notes with names

The choices of baby names today can pretty much be anything, with celebs creating a trend for the unique and unusual name choices and even some going for the more traditional as reality star Sam Faiers did when she named her newborn son, Paul. And parents today have a wealth of choice in what to name their babies.

But what is considered too far when it comes to baby name choices? A mum from Wales found out recently when her choice of baby name was so out there, it took a family court judge to overrule her.

How out there does your name choice have to be for a judge to intervene? Well, this mum from Wales had given birth to twins, a boy and a girl and wanted to name her son Preacher and her daughter Cyanide. Yes, you read that correctly, Cyanide, a deadly poison.

a ‘lovely pretty name’ and had positive associations as it helped kill Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler.

Appeal Judges upheld the original decision. The judge said the mother was not acting to secure her children's welfare.

The baby name

  • That got the courts involved

Why this baby name choice has hit the headlines