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The unnecessary things we all worry about when we’re pregnant

Pedicure or Brazilian, ladies?

I don’t know about you, but from the moment I found out I was pregnant it was a good reason not to really worry about beautifying myself, after all the other half had done what I’d needed!

Well, at least for the first few months anyway.

Beauty 1

I let that leg hair grow nice and long and blamed my tiny bump for not being able to reach certain areas – some call it laziness, I called it creativity.

So there I was sailing away in my maintenance free pregnancy when the worst thing imaginable happened.

I had an emergency hospital appointment. It was only when I began to strip down to be examined that I remembered that my little legs hadn’t had a date with the razor for 6 weeks – that’s a long time when you’re Greek!

Of course I apologised to the female doctor who starting rubbishing the sorries away, before tailing off with a gasp when she pulled back the sheet.

Thankfully my baby was fine – but my pride and faith in womankind bruised. And from that day I swore I’d be meeting with the razor at least twice a week.

But really, that was an extreme example, and when it comes to pregnancy do we really have to worry about our toes looking great and our bikini lines looking trim?

The pregnant population it seems says, ‘Yes’.

Here’s just some of the things we feel we really need to do in pregnancy, which really don’t matter.

Get a pedicure

Because in-between rushing around gathering baby clothes and newborn nappies into hospital bags, we’re all running around trying to find the best colour for our toes. Pink for a girl, blue for a boy. Yes, of course that’s what the midwife is looking at when she’s delivering your baby!

And then there’s trying to reach those pesky pinkies – or offering your other half obscene things just so they can make your toes look pretty…

Trimming the bikini line

Ok, we get that as women we like to keep things tidy down there, but when you’re seven months pregnant and can’t really see what you’re doing taking the razor and going blind so to speak can lead to more than a few injuries And with those hormones raging and making you more sensitive a wax isn’t very appealing. Still we persevere. In fact, one story that was going around the net a few weeks back was that one pregnant lady asked her nether regions to be waxed into the shape of a question mark!

Shaving the legs

Yes, I learnt the hard way about this – but joking aside, there’s no rhyme or reason as to why we need to do this. We’d like to think a midwife wouldn’t even bat an eyelid…

Straightening the hair during the first throws of labour

Yes we have known people who openly admitted that in the beginning of those contractions they were straightening their hair – the reasoning? They wanted to look good for the first pictures after they’d had their baby. However, as one mum put it ‘all that sweating and pushing and it was pointless…’ Quite.

Getting a make-over

Ok, now this is a little bit extreme, but we have known mums who have had planned C-sections to hit a make-up counter before they are due in – true story honest! It’s the same reasoning as the hair straightening. However, while we may guff at this, we can admit that said friends had amazing ‘straight after birth’ photos. Jealous? Us?


The unnecessary things we all worry about when we’re pregnant