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Video of baby falling in pool goes viral

It shows baby Josie saving herself in the pool

Mum criticised for ‘hard to watch’ video of baby

Mum films her baby falling into a pool but here’s why it’s amazing

Baby in pool

The viral video of a little 6 month old baby girl called Josie is dividing opinion from parents as it shows the baby fall into a pool, but what happens next is simply amazing…

After falling head first into the pool, baby Josie flips herself round onto her back and keeps herself afloat for several seconds before mum, who is by her side in the pool the whole time, picks her up.

Josie’s mum, Keri Morrison, from Florida believes in a water survival method called Infant Swimming Resource (ISR). ISR can be used on babies as young as six months old and teaches them the technique to roll onto their backs to float, rest and breathe and maintain the position until help arrives.

This mum has more reason than most to want her young children to be safe in the water as three years ago her two and a half year old son, tragically drowned.

Despite being a hard video to watch at the beginning, how baby Josie turns herself on to her back and keeps herself afloat is nothing short of amazing.

ISR lists these 5 important parts of water safety for babies and children, particularly for pools at home.

1. Effective supervision

The most critical line of defence is adult supervision. No level of aquatic skill can replace active supervision. If your child is ever missing, look in the water first.

2. Pool Fences

Install a permanent 4-sided fence with self-locking gates. Ensure that the pool fence is at least 3-5 feet from the pool edge.

3. Alarms

Make sure all doors and windows leading to the pool are locked and alarmed.

4. Survival Swimming Lessons

A moment's inattention does not have to cost a child his life. ISR's Self-Rescue® training is an added layer of protection, teaching your child water survival skills in a completely safe environment.

5. CPR

If an emergency happens, it is essential parents and families are prepared. Learn to perform CPR on children and adults and remember to update those skills regularly.

Watch the full video here.

Video of baby falling in pool goes viral