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Wee miracle

Potty training starts super early for this tot

Potty training is a time some mums look forward to and others dread (a little bit). And it’s also a time where the Dettol and lots of kitchen roll come in handy.

However, for most of us we have a good few months (18-24 or more) before we even have to think about this milestone in our baby’s life.


Unless you’re the parents of Alexander Oniciuc, who at five months is potty trained!

Yes, we had to double take too.

Although the tot can’t yet talk he apparently cries out to his parents when he needs the potty. And despite his parents keeping nappies on him, Alexander has used them for eight weeks.

However, it seems the children of this family are literally potty over the potty with Alexander’s sister Izabella using the potty from six months old!

‘I know everyone says ‘they grow up so fast’, but this is getting ridiculous,’ said Alexander’s mum Raluca. ‘I think he’s already had enough of being a baby.’

She continued to claim that Alexander hadn’t had any accidents ‘for months’ .  

We’re not really sure what to make of this, but when your little one is ready you can read more about potty training and find out about where to start with all our potty training tips. 

Wee miracle