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What being a mum has taught me

The profound to the more lighthearted lessons

I may only have been a mum for three years, but believe me, there are things I have learnt in that short space of time that no amount of reading or teaching could have prepared me for.

Some have been profound, while others just funny. Either way, they are a lesson for any mum or mum-to-be.

Andrea and Leon 1

That you can’t be ‘perfect’ no matter how hard you try

Looking at envy at that mum sitting down having coffee with her her three angelic kids while yours runs riot in the coffee shop?  And wondering why you can’t stop your little one from behaving like that?

Have to spend longer time at work?


I learnt a long time ago – after many months of beating myself up – that being a Mary Poppins mum just isn’t possible.

Instead of being ‘perfect’ I just tried to focus on what I did right and treasured every smile and little piece of excitement they had. They are the ‘perfect’ times to remember.

That your little one loves you unconditionally

We’ve all had that moment when they run into the road, or out of sight in the shops and you can’t help but shout at them – through shock and fear. Yes their little face will crumple, but hands up who gets cuddles minutes after without any retribution.

Maybe other halves should take example of this when we have a little moan at them. It’s only because we care – right?

That children's cuddles are the best medicine.  FACT

Bad day?  A ‘great big squeezy cuddle’ or ‘cuggles’ from your little one is one of the best feelings ever and melts away those fears and stresses almost immediately.
Even though you may have to bribe them to do it beforehand!

That they’ll always ‘grass you up’

Ahhh the phrase ‘out of the mouths of babes,’ rings true here.

In fact little legs could have a job in the secret services for the amount of things he picks up on, and then repeats.

My faves so far consists of the time he dobbed me in for ‘hiding a new dress in the car’. Just to make doubly sure he’d dug my hole for me he topped it off with, ‘ And told me not to tell you, daddy.’

Then there was the time he decided to tell various members of the other half’s family that ‘mummy said aunty Deb’s birthday should be on Halloween’. Yes, she was an in-law. Yes it was awkward.

That you’ll never be able to take a bath in peace ever again

I used to relish the times when I could spend hours in a hot bubble bath with a magazine in hand, but then Leon came along. Sure, when he was a baby I’d grab a few minutes of relaxation, but forward three years and that bubble bath without the ‘mummy let me in’, ‘mummy I’ve done a wee in our bath’ and ‘mummy I need a poo’, is unheard of. 

As for a bath after he goes to bed? Not a chance with the world’s lightest sleeper.

And let’s not even get started on trying to go for a wee peacefully…

That TV is sometimes good for them – and you too.

Before I had little man I swore I’d never let him watch TV. How wrong was I?
Because it’s not all chasing each other around with hammers and nails aka Tom and Jerry. Children’s TV is now educational. Obviously not all day- just those half hours when you really need to get stuff done.

What being a mum has taught me