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Pregnant woman craves rocks

Puts her life at risk

Pickled onions, gherkins and MacDonalds – all typical cravings that mums-to-be may claim they have.

But one pregnant lady has taken it one step further becoming addicted to eating rocks.

Twenty one year old Silvia has posted a YouTube video where she can be seen walking around her garden looking for rocks which she can eat to satisfy her cravings.

"When I see certain rocks my mouth waters. It's like when you see something that you really want to eat,” she said.

However, doctors have warned that this craving is dangerous and can lead to a risk of disease and developing stomach problems.

However, Silvia isn’t alone in her weird pregnancy cravings. Other strange requests include sniffing tyres, nibbling chalk and even sucking on sponges…

Why? No one really knows, but it is thought that like with everything else in pregnancy, it's the hormonal changes that bring on our desire for weird and wacky food combinations, or just one particular ingredient.

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Pregnant woman craves rocks