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29 year old makes a firm decision about having children

But NHS says no

A 29 year old woman is ‘fighting GPs’ who refuse to let her be sterilised.

Holly Brockwell has been asking for the procedure on the NHS for years after deciding that she never wants to have kids.


However, she claims doctors are unwilling to help her as she is ‘far too young’.

The journalist claims that the hormone based contraception she has been taking leaves her with severe side effects including dizziness and vomiting. She reasons the £1500 procedure would more than pay for the amount of times she’s visited the doctors, prescriptions for pills and at worst a termination if she ever needed one.

However, doctors don’t agree telling her she will have to wait until her 30s at best to be considered for this operation.  

‘I’ve been considered mature enough to have children since I was 16, and I’m almost twice that age. Isn’t making a baby irreversible, too? Do people tell pregnant young mothers they’ll ‘change their minds’ or ‘don’t know what they want’ like they say to me?’ She wrote on the Mail Online.

She added she had spent ‘far longer thinking about not having children than most people do about having them.

‘The only way I can explain my attitude is that when I imagine all those beautiful moments everyone talks about — holding a new baby in my arms, my child’s first day at school, teaching them about the world — I feel nothing but a strong sense of ‘no thanks’, she said.

And she also cited seeing her mum – who had young children – as never having any money or freedom and missing out on a lot of the things she wanted to do with her life, as another reason for her reluctance to have her own family.

‘I’ve seen how much drudgery was involved: non-stop cooking, washing and cleaning,’ she added.

However, before we all get angry about her statements let us be clear that Holly has ‘nothing but respect for people who slave away day and night to give their children a good life.’

At the moment Holly can’t afford the treatment privately but it seems this determined woman will continue in her quest.

She’s also looking for a man who has the same outlook to children.

29 year old makes a firm decision about having children