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Woman went into hospital thinking she ate too much turkey but returned with a surprise

Over indulgence wasn't the reason

We all like to over indulge at Christmas, but we’d like to think we'd know if we’d had too much turkey or in fact were growing a baby, right?

Well not for one mum who gave birth just one hour after finding out she was pregnant!


True story!

Katie Kropas, 23, from Weymouth, Massachusetts, discovered that she was nine months pregnant when she was admitted to hospital with severe stomach cramps.

Initially she thought the weight gain she had put on over the past few weeks was as a result of too much festive food, however a scan showed she was full term and ready to drop!

'I ended up having an ultrasound and with that they were like, "You're full term and giving birth now,"she told a local news channel.

After being told at 10.15 she was pregnant, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 10ib at 11.06, calling her Ellen Olivia.

Pregnancies like this are rare, but they do happen and Katie claims she was using birth control right up until her baby. She even carried on having regular periods!

However, she told NECN news she had put on weight but put it was down to over-indulgence during the holiday period.

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Woman went into hospital thinking she ate too much turkey but returned with a surprise