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Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy

Sex is something many couples feel they should avoid during pregnancy. Yet, it’s something that can help relieve pregnancy stress, and bring you closer. Here’s what you need to know.

Will sex during pregnancy hurt me/ the baby?

With a normal pregnancy i.e. a pregnancy with no specific complications, you can keep having sex right up until labour begins. This is because sex is not linked with miscarriage, or any harm to the baby or you. As for fears about infection rest assured that the mucus plug, which seals your cervix, is secure meaning an infection can’t get through during sex. If you’re concerned that your baby may get squished during sex, again don’t worry the muscles of the uterus and the amniotic fluid surrounding your baby will protect him/her from feeling what you’re up to in any way.

What complications should I be aware of before having sex?

Your midwife or doctor will advise you against having sex if you:

  • Have had a succession of miscarriages, in which case it’s likely you’ll be advised to avoid sex for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • If you’re at risk of premature labour, in which case you may be told to avoid sex during the last trimester.
  • If you have any type of bleeding, large discharge or a low-lying placenta (a condition known as placenta praevia), your doctor may also suggest you avoid sex.

What if my husband is wary of having sex when I am pregnant?

Many men feel awkward about having sex during pregnancy due to fears about hurting the baby or causing pain to you. Others have firm beliefs about women, sex and pregnancy that can stop them from initiating sex, if this is the case you need to discuss these fears and help to alleviate them.

Will the baby feel us having sex?

A baby will definitely squirm and move about a lot after sex but not because he/she felt you having sex (or knew you were having sex) but simply because your heart rate has speeded up and as a result so will his/hers.

What position is best during pregnancy?

If you’re a missionary position kind of girl bear in mind it won’t work during pregnancy as it will be uncomfortable lying on your back and your bump will get in the way. The good news is this means you get to be creative. Try side-by-side, spooning and rear entry positions, which work as they take the weight off the bump and allow for a more shallow and comfortable entry.

Will sex feel different during pregnancy?

Some women swear that sex during pregnancy is wonderful, but others say it’s painful and/or uncomfortable. Experiment and see what works for you especially in the third trimester when an orgasm may trigger a wave of Braxton Hicks contractions (where your womb tightens fairly strongly and then releases).

Will an orgasm hurt the baby?

During an orgasm you’ll experience minor contractions of the uterus (which occur even when you’re not pregnant) but this won’t hurt the baby or you, though as the pregnancy progresses you may feel them more strongly, and they may leave you feeling a little more crampy post-sex.

Can I have sex right through pregnancy?

You can have sex all the way through pregnancy as long as you have no complications. It may not be the long drawn out process you had before but studies show sex during pregnancy not only promotes intimacy and closeness, but also can help a pregnant woman to feel good about her body.

Can sex help bring on labour?

The jury is still out on whether sex works or not as a labour inducing tool. However, it’s thought to work in one of three ways: firstly orgasm is thought to help kick the uterus into action; secondly, sex may trigger the release of oxytocin, (the hormone which causes contractions), and thirdly, semen contains a high concentration of a hormone like substance - prostaglandins, which may help the neck of the womb to dilate.

Is it safe to have sex post 37 weeks?

Sex near to your estimated due date is safe as long as you haven’t had a show and your waters haven’t broken. Once this happens, your cervix is open and having sex may increase the risk of infection so it’s best to avoid it.

What else do I need to know about sex during and post pregnancy?

  • Once the baby is born, it’s best that you wait until after your postpartum check-up to have sex.
  • Typically, it takes at least 6 weeks after delivery before you’ll feel physically comfortable and ready to have sex (emotionally it may take longer).
  • Your midwife will be able to advise you on when you can have sex again depending on the kind of labour you have had.
  • Before you start having sex, think about what contraception you want to use. Contrary to popular myth, breastfeeding won’t stop you getting pregnant.


i got vaginal discharge and its preventing me from having sex, its worries me a lot and my partner is pissed about it. any help please!!!!
hi all am 31 weeks never had sex since i find out i was pregnant now all i want is sex now but boyfriend is not around what do i do
very helpful reading all these comments, thanks a lot <3 x x
Im now 37+2 and still having sex regularly with my partner although there is no way to do the missionary position anymore because bump has gotten too big.
Hi, will be 20wks in two days and this is my first. I feel comfortable having sex but always get worried when an orgasm occurs cos I feel it might hurt my baby but am relieved nw. Cant wait to have my scan..
I'm 20 weeks tomorrow, my partner and i havent had sex for over 2 weeks, he seems to avoid touching me in bed and everything. he said its because the idea gives him the creeps knowing the baby is in there and that he knows its not going to hurt the baby and such but that he still cant get past the creeped out bit. I'm feeling very paranoid about it all, i'm not the smallest girl and am of course getting bigger and i feel rather unattractive and worried that thats the reason, i'm also rather in the mood for some personal time with my partner but i dont know what to say or do to get him past the idea of the creepiness i guess. Its rather getting to me though. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. xx
im 20 weeks preg n have been having sex up till now i just cant be bothered any more i need my bed. but i get loads of discharge but thats all normal but the funny thing is i dont think sex is as great wen ur pregnant dont know why
Is it correct that receiving oral sex can risk damaging the baby? Having reread that the risk of air entering can be fatal :s
I am 17 weeks pregnant and this is my first baby. initially i tot having sex will suppress but with info, i will feel comfortable having sex with my partner%%(
Am 14 weeks pregnant with my 4th .and I don't feel sex at all , am worried cus my husband is not happy about it , after reading all the comment happy cus I now no am not the only one .thank x all.
I am 28 weeks pregnant with my first. Since I have entered my 3rd trimester I have felt very shall we say rampant like I was before I was pregnant. But the only thing is My baby is more active before when I have that urge and feeling but during and after he doesn't move. At first it worried me but then when I am more relaxed and about to go to sleep he is really active. Last night he kicked my partner during and really freaked him out a little. But after our son kicked him it was the best sex we'd ever had! I think our son should do it more often xxx
Hi, im 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant and me and my boyfriend have sex around 2 - 3 times a week but sometimes we dont have sex at all in the week due to me getting really bad cramps during and after i dont know if thats normal? i havent had any bleeding or serious problems just cramps.
I was told that sex during pregnancy was totally safe unless you have underlying complications. I'v always had a really high sex drive and have found its heightened even more since being pregnant!! If that's possible!! Everything is so sensitive, it's great!! I also feel incredibly closer to my hubby! I'm now 13 + 4 and had to make sure I made the most of my hubby before he flew off to Afghanistan beginning of October :-((!! I'm just eager to get him back now... 4 months and counting!! :-)) xx
me and my husband have sex once or twice a week. i'm 31 weeks pregnant. In the early stages i was very wary of harming the baby. Now i still have my reservations but i like to be close to my husband. i know now that it cant harm my baby, but i think that every mum to be has these concerns.
hi im 32wks pregnant and for the last 3wks me and my boyfriend havnt had sex wen i asked him why we havnt been intimate he says he dont feel rite doing any thing but its really getting me down as my sex drive has sky rocket how can i reasure him that its still ok to make love with out him feeling pressured by it as he says hes feeling pressured i just want our sex life bk dont know how long i can wait coz i feel un loved in that way plz helpxx
i am 30 weeks and 5 days and i find that sex is a lot better now, my boyfriend was scared at first to have sex because he thought that it was hurting me and the baby but after i reassured him that we were fine he is a lot more intimate with me. my advice is to try new positions and stick with the ones you feel more comfortable with, i prefer to be on top as i find this more comfortable and easier, i hope this has helped you all.
Hi, every1 out there. I'm 21 week pregnant with 3rd baby. I tend enjoy sex More during my pregnancy then usual.
hii :) im 19 weeks and 3 days pregnant, with my 1st baby and im finding it uncomfy to have sex with my fiance, he normally goes on top, but we have been trying new positions. its not that i dont want to do it with him i just dont feel that affectionate when we start, and worry that it could hurt my baby.. :( but when i wasnt pregnant i would do it all the time and found it amazing! :D since ive read these points i feel alot better knowing that having sex wont hurt my baby boy ... Thanks Bounty <3 x
I've just read on here that if you have a low-lying placenta, you should avoid sex - is this true and should I avoid it completely????? Thanks.
I'm 21 weeks pregnant, myself and my boyfriend still have sex regularly and is enjoyable now or even more so than before i was. This information has helped. This is my first pregnancy so really the more accurate information i could get is helpful.
im 26 weeks pregnant me and my husband make love everyday nearly, unless were both tired from a long day at work, but i dont find sex painful at all i really enjoy it, too much info to share, but what the hell.. lols
Hi therre all u mummys to be i am so thankful to bounty as all these comments have helped me alot and answered all my questions. Thanx alot lovely ladies. I am 6 weeks pregnant today with my second baby and havent tried sex since i have found out. Although i know that there is no harm to me or my baby, just waiting for my 12week scan to be sure everything is good and the baby is in the right place lol good luck to all of you ☺ takecare xx
Hi therre all u mummys to be i am so thankful to bounty as all these comments have helped me alot and answered all my questions. Thanx alot lovely ladies. I am 6 weeks pregnant today with my second baby and havent tried sex since i have found out. Although i know that there is no harm to me or my baby, just waiting for my 12week scan to be sure everything is good and the baby is in the right place lol good luck to all of you ☺ takecare xx
Hi I'm 31weeks pregnant, and I can feel myself distancing myself from my partner I don't mean to but I can't stand the thought of sex and when we are in bed I feel uncomfortable spooning incase he wants to have sex, can anyone give me advice to what is wrong with me...
hi rachel1975k, i am in the same situation... i am 18+5 and have been finding it painful for the past month or so, i have tried explaining to my fiance, but he seems to think i just dont want sex with him, and this is not the case what so ever... im finding it hard to make him understand that its not his or my fault but i just think men in general find things like this hard to understand... i know exactly how you feel, it gets me so down :(
im 13+4 &im finding sex with my hubby very uncomfortable &it's painful afterwards ...tried getting my hubby to understand but its just not getting through to him :o(
I had a massive bleed with big clots last wk after sex, the bleeding started at 7am and I was still bleeding badly at 10am so my partner took me to A&E, we obviously thought the worst. I had an internal and my womb was closed'Phew" I thought I was 9 wk but turned out at emergency scan that I'm 10wk 5 days (12 wk exact now) the doc did say it was prob trauma down to sex, so I am a little wary now & find that spooning & missionary feels more comfortable as me on top & doggy now feels to deep...Not a scenario I want to go thru again as I really thought I'd lost the little monkey, so fingers crossed its alright from here on :-)
I bled after sex, the wk before my 1st scan, so i called my midwife to be on the safe side & she told me i had to go get checked out- no arguments!! Im glad she made me go actually, i was told that i may have a low lying placenta & if i bleed more i should avoid sex altogether. They did my scan a wk early to find all is well with bambino. We have since took it really slow & gently...KY jelly helps too!!! Dont risk anything- if ur unsure, find out...u dont wanna regret letting anything happen to ur precious cargo do u...?
im almost 20 weeks pregnant i had sex with my partner this morning i know it may be to much infomation for which im sorry but it was hard to start as there wasnt any lubrication downthere if u know what i mean but after i had a small amount of bleeding it went strait away and was a tiny amount do you think this could be due to it being dry downstairs or something more serious x
Glad to have read all this, im 12 weeks and me and my partner still have sex but no where as often as before it was most days now its around once maybe twice if that sometimes i feel completly off and other days im fine, think its important to remember they can feel rejected at times to and sex dosnt have to be full intercourse ;) for ither party :) xxx
im 7 wks pregnant and i vomit after i have sex and then the day after i have stomach cramps and bloating. is this normal
I find sex with my partner no longer pleasurable. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I vomit everytime we have sex I have no idea why it's causing tension in our relationship :(
hiyah this is my first baby i'm 33 weeks my mucas plugg has come out is it still safe to have sex??
its really good to know all these.
Hi, this is my second baby, I'm 10 weeks along and am enjoying sex more than ever! My advice is don't forget the foreplay, some posters have mentioned an increased urge to pee and burning sensation, remember you are more prone to thrush and your genitals may be more sensitive. MUTUAL shaving may help.
thanx a lot
thanks very much
hi, am 5weeks gone, but my problem is that when i have sex i end up in the toilet urinating i feel pressed but little urine and burning also disturb me alot.
can the baby feel u having sex lol
Im about 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant now with my first baby, me and my partner are really sexually active, we were both wondering if i'm aloud to have sex at this stage of the pregnancy?? xx
Im 31 weeks pregnant with my first baby. After reading a few comments below the only advice i can offer from my experience is that, my sex drive has always been high and has continued to stay high, i find that quite a few times i like to spend more time kissing, touching and gentle foreplay to get my mind more in the mood and switch off from distractions. Both me and my partner enjoy sex alot now and he especially finds it better as he says its more intimate and special. The best position ive found is me on top, for me its comfortable and its the best for orgasming. Another tip is i feel more comfortable wearing a vest style top or chemise that with cover my bump but has the abilty to rest under my bust so he can enjoy the perk of your fab looking breasts! Hope it helps a little and good luck everyone!! Remember we are still women with needs not just mums/soon to be mums!! :) xx
My partner was so worried about having sex at the beginning, he thought he might poke baby lol... to be honest I felt a rejected and worried that he no longer found me sexually attractive, I did tell him this but he reassured me that he was just worried about hurting baby.... from about 10 weeks I realised that my lady parts were becomming increasingly sensitive, and after telling him this he perked up like an excited pup and sex is super amazing... 20 weeks now and we are both looking forward to our first baby... good luck to you all too x
Hi im 20wks pregnant and all the info has been most helpful as my husband is worried about hurting me and baby during sex. Our first baby so being careful is an understatement but its nice to know that im not alone.
@Ainsley94 dont worry you probably just have a low immune system due to the baby and are feeling sluggish. im sure your boyfriend will understand and you should be fine soon after birth.
this has been a real weight off our minds mainly for my partner who was worried about not doing it or it hurting the baby.
hi, i'm 23 weeks pregnant appox, i enjoy sex more being pregnant but can it be normal for someone who is pregnant to want it all the time?
hi im 31 weeks pregnant and i really have gone totally off sex i just dont like it atm but before pregnant i loved it! ive just gone off it i dont know why?anyone help lol im always sore and get a lot of infections for ex bladder and thrush cant seem to shake it off its horrible and so sad because i feel terrible on my boyfriend i just dont know whats happend to me loads of people love sex during pregnancy where as i just dont i want to be loving with my boyfriend.
i am pregnant with my second and my partner has become very distant towards any sort of affection since we found out i was pregnant. he has put a ban on any form of sexual contact. i have tried to talk to him but i seem to get nowhere. my eldest is 5 and he has a different dad. with his dad we continued to have sex during the pregnancy and didnt have an issue with it. i dont understand why my partner is acting like this. can anyone help by giving me some advice?
Hi, im 10 weeks & approx 3 days Pregnant, this is my 4th pregnancy although 13yrs since the last, I find that my sex life is even better than b4, its very intimate now and not just a quickie (lol)