Best position to make a baby?

Standing up, missionary, bending over backwards – the list is endless when it comes to tales of what position works best for conception.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a circus contortionist to increase your chances of getting pregnant but here’s what you need to know.

What's the best position to conceive?

While no position is a guarantee some experts do believe that the good old missionary position works the best as it allows for deeper penetration and gives the sperm less of a swim to the cervix.

What about props and post-sex positions?

Again nothing is proven but a small pillow placed under the hips during and after sex for about 10 minutes is believed to help sperm swim to the cervix. Alternatively lying down post sex can help maximise the amount of sperm you have in your body. Though this isn’t essential as each ejaculation releases millions of sperm (estimates from 50 – 500 million) and on average only 400 sperm are required to hit the egg to allow one to penetrate it.

Are there any positions to avoid?

Although all strong healthy sperm can swim upwards, some experts suggest avoiding having sex in positions that make it harder for the sperm to reach the cervix, such as woman-on-top, standing and sitting.

Will any position help me conceive a girl?

There is an idea that having sex in a shallower position such as side-by –side deposits sperm lower in the reproductive system and so gives the X sperm a fighting change of reaching their target first, but this isn’t proven.

Will any position help me conceive a boy?

Again there is no evidence to support this idea, but some experts believe that sex in a position that allows for deep penetration such as doggy style deposits the sperm further into the vagina and nearer the cervix where the Y sperm have less distance to travel.

Will an orgasm help?

Again there is no evidence to support the idea that uterine contractions during orgasm can help push the sperm along it’s journey, meaning you’re just as likely to conceive with an orgasm, as you are without one.

How to get pregnant

1. Know when you’re ovulating

“Be aware that normal ovulation doesn’t always happen on day 14”, warns midwife Sharon Trotter (www.tipslimited.com). “Ovulation can occur as early as day 10 and as late as day 20 or even later if your cycles are irregular or long.” It can help to use an ovulation predictor kit. These detect a surge of the hormone LH, which peaks 24 to 48 hours prior to ovulation.” Though be aware that predictor kits only identify a small window of fertility, and evidence shows that the fertile window lasts from five days before to one day after ovulation. Which means these are the days to be having sex.

2. Have regular sex

If you consistently have sex two or three times a week, you're guaranteed to hit your fertile period at some point in the month. Remember there's no such thing as too much sex.

3. Have sex once a day near the time of ovulation

This will definitely increase your chances of conception (unless your partner has a low sperm count in which case seek advice from your doctor first).

4. Give yourself time

Keep in mind that even if you do everything right you still have only a 25% to 30% chance of conceiving in any given cycle.

5. Seek help if it doesn’t happen

See your GP and an expert if it doesn’t happen and/or you’re worried there is a problem.


We tried for 8 months to get Dom but it only took three trys with our second (who was due yesterday) i downloaded a app on my phone which told us when to have sex and on those three trys i stayed in bed with a pillow propped under my bottom lol and a few weeks later i found we were expecting lol xx 28 months between them.
I have poly cystic overian syndrome and we have just found out my partner has mildly abnormal sperm. Is there a chance we can still get pregnant.
I ad a c-section and by the time my first woz 7months I woz pregnant wiv my section. Ur insides r fine its neva 2 early av a baby once u just ad 1
I had a crash section 7 months ago is it too soon to try for another baby? Is my insides heeled?
it touck me a year 2 get pregnant with my middle child we was having sex about 3-4 times a day, i went to the doctors and everything he said i was trying to hard and to enjoy it the more i stressed the less it wouldnt happen,but we kind of gave up trying and i got caught straight away!!
me and my partner have been trying for a baby since january and not yet concieved.
i know some one who visually missed her period two months before another one comes and she want to have a child. she has gone to general hospital for check up and found nothing. and she okay what can she do.
hi, i have been on the pills for a year and a half now. i am off it now trying for a second baby. how would i know my ovulation since i didnot mensturate when i had the pills. and how long will it take for my cycle to come back to normal. can someone help please.
Hello, I have jsut come of that pill to. My doctor says it can take a few months to get back into a normal cycle. However it can take some people just a few weeks. You could also still get pregnant even if you haven't had a period as my doctor informed me. You will have to ovulate before you have your first period since coming off te pill, so you could be ovulating now! I'm trying now and just enjoying it! Best not to worry! Hope this helps,
hiya all only had my implant removed on monday but already feeling signs of pregnacy- cramps, feeling sick, tired etc... can it really be?? dont know anyone who had implant removed to have a baby can anyone help please
how long dose it normaly take to fall pregnent iv been trying for 6 and half mounths now and concernt it wont happen :(
Stress is a huge factor! It is a vicious cycle, you get stressed when you can't conceive and that makes it even more difficult. It normally happens when you stopr trying...enjoy the process. We conceived our baby when I had decided to wait a little...good luck!
me and my husban are trying for our second child my daughter is 15 months old now. I just wondered if anyone knew if it was easier or harder to get pregnant the second time round??
enjoy each other that helps x try not to get so stressed xxx
done all the things you advised and am hoping it has worked, got a good feeling this month.x
me and my partner concieved very quickly 1st time round and gave birth 1 year ago, we wanted 2 children with no age gap and started trying again soon after birth but 1 year on we still without luck, we have sex around 3 times a week and more recent in the missionary possition, can anyone suggest why we are suddenly unable to concieve??
me and my fella have been trying for a wile now for my secong child but his first but i dony have a regula cycle so figuring out when im ovuilating isnt easy
my partner and i are getting married sept 2012 and i want a honeymoon baby. i've been on the implanon (contraceptive implant) for 5 years (my second one) am i decreasing my chances of ever becoming pregnant because of this? Should I change my form on contraception now?
I work on a 3 week cycle instead of the common 4 weeks, will i know if i am pregnant when my period is due or will i have to wait the usual 4 weeks for a positive pregnancy test?
I am realy trying hard for anouther baby but I'm so confused on when you ovulate I have been off my period for 2days now is this a good time?
hey you start ovulating on the 14 day of every cycle so if you an work it out try from then on
We have been ttc for 4 months and still no luck :( feels like it will never happen but i know im just being impatient. I have 1 child already so i hope the second happens very soon x
I also had the injection came of it in december and have been trying since anything that can improve my chances x
i really want a baby why wont anything work for me:(
i used to have the injection t i been tring for a baby for a year and nothing has happened i tryed all the tips off the net but still nothing
i came off the pil March 2009 and now i believe that i have conceived...having early symptoms of pregnancy , home test confirms...just waiting for easter tobe over and GP surgery to re-open. Im just concerned cos i will be an 'overweight' mum to be.
we tried for nine years were told after two years that there was no way we wouldconcieve with out treatment we were looking into adoption and fell pregnant naturally and now have a 7 month old baby my advice is dont stress about it if its meant to happen it will
dont think about it to much or stress about it if it dosnt happen straight away......just have fun trying :)
thanks am going todo every thing this time
Read Toni Weschler's 'Taking Charge of Your Fertility'. I charted my fertility for two or three months before we started TTC, and we conceived first cycle! Hoping it'll work for TTC x2 lol
The only thing that cannot fail when wanting to fall pregnant and it's difficult, is to ask God to give you a child and have faith that He will do as you asked. Nothing is impossible with Him.
legs up against the wall for 10 mnutes after sex helped us took us 5months of tryin then we done this 3 tyms and i got pregnant :) x
The best advice i can give on this one is to have sex as much as possible. especially when your ovulating and also keep lying down after sex for about 15mins with your knees slightly lifted to help those little swimmers on their way! it worked for us!! Also missionary seemed to be the best for us!!!