IVF cost

ivf cost

ivf treatment cost

In the UK if you have problems with fertility, your first course of action will probably be to visit your GP and to seek help on the NHS. However, some choose to seek private care for fertility treatment and your doctor may be able to help you find a local clinic that will suit your needs.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HEFA) says that around 10% of all UK couples will need fertility treatment. The HEFA is the governing body which oversees the fertility treatments in the UK. It defines infertility as the inability to conceive after multiple sustained attempts of unprotected sex for at least one year.

IVF Cost - NHS

Before you ask 'How much does IVF cost?' you will need to check if you qualify and if treatment is available in your area. Long waiting lists and restrictions on access to fertility treatments from some Health Authorities mean that many couples are forced to go private, sometimes even at clinics in other countries, for treatments such as IVF.

Your local NHS trust or authority should offer funding (free treatment) for one cycle of IVF for couples where the woman has met the clinical definition of infertility and has had a cause for her infertility diagnosed. If you already have children or are over 40 you may not qualify for free treatment. Some couples find they are unable to get help depending on where they live.

Private IVF Costs

It can be confusing to work out exactly how much fertility treatments like IVF cost, as not all clinics will be transparent about their charges. In addition, when comparing treatment in other countries with UK IVF costs you may need to consider the impact of exchange rate variances, travel and accommodation.

Clinics are private businesses and are there to make a profit, so do find out what they charge and shop around before you choose one. The HFEA says that clinics tend to be in competition with each other and so prices do tend to work out about the same. Try to get quotes from at least three and find out what the charge covers - or you may be hit with a bill for 'extras' such as drugs and scans. Be wary of clinics that sound very cheap - they may have only quoted for basic treatment.

IVF costs may be charged individually for:

  • Medical reports
  • Consultations
  • Counselling
  • Tests and scans
  • Monitoring your menstrual cycle
  • Transportation and 'shipping' fees

Reduce IVF costs by sharing eggs

If you can produce viable eggs, you may want to consider donating the eggs you do not use for your treatment to other women. Many clinics now offer this as an option, which means that part of the cost of IVF is shared between couples.

According to HEFA figures, the cost of one IVF cycle including drugs, fertility testing and consultation fees is between £4,000 and £8,000. Other treatments such as ICIS and GIFT may be more expensive.

Before any treatment is started, tests are performed including blood tests, ultrasound procedures and radiographs. Costs for these vary from £40 for a simple blood test to more than £200 for ultrasound tests. For men, a semen analysis costs around £100, and a more complex test can be up to £350.

Doing your homework here is vital; you need to find treatment you can afford at a place that is convenient for you to get to regularly. Make sure you have thoroughly checked out what the clinic offers, what to expect and how much each individual part of the fertility treatment will cost, so that financial worries are not added to your concerns about having the treatment itself.