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Free ovulation calculator

Are you trying for a baby? Getting pregnant isn't always as straightforward as it sounds, so increase your chances by finding out when you're most likely to ovulate.

Find out when you're most fertile with our easy-to-use ovulation calculator.

When Am I Ovulating?

Forget complicated charts, just select the first day of your last menstrual period. Then, tell us:

  • 1. The average length of your cycle

  • 2. The average length of your ‘luteal phase.' This means the part of your cycle which starts at ovulation and ends the day before your next period. If you are unsure, just leave it as 14 days.

We'll then tell you which days you're at your most fertile, including the date ’most likely’ for you to conceive.

NB: Please bear in mind that these are just estimates, based on a regular menstrual cycle. If your cycle is irregular the ovulation calculator may not be the most accurate way to work out when you are ovulating.


Keeping it 'fun'

I'm 22, have 2daughters and after a missed miscarriage at 12weeks last year me and my fiancé finally feel ready to try again..
Keeping it 'fun' in the bedroom so that we both aren't stressed about not losing another baby or not becoming pregnant due to worrying.
Feeling calm this month :)
Good luck everyone x x x

Hi I am 18 and I have a

Hi I am 18 and I have a healthy 5 month old baby boy me and my partner wasnt trying to conceive it just happend I think for those of you who worry about not having children should relax it will happen when the time is right, good luck to you all xxx


my son will be 4 in September. its roughly just over 3 years iv being trying and still no look. ive tried all tricks and allsorts but still no look. I will be undergoing a dye test to see weather im atill working..... but confused at why 1 and not 2 xxx

ovulation calculator

Hi have got a baby girl who is going to be 1 thia month
just want to say to all u ladies i couldnt get pregnant then tried using a ovulation calculator amd withiin 1month i was pregnant. I have got a samsung galaxy s2 phone and used an ovulation app from there. please try it and let me know hoq you get on. best of luck girlies <3

im 32 and my partner is 33 we

im 32 and my partner is 33 we lost our 1st baby miscarry 2mths ago @7 wks preg, this is going to be my 1st time useing ovulation calculator i really hope this helps us as were at the right time in our lives 2have children :) x

told i couldnt have children

when i was 18 i got told because i have polysistic ovaries or how ever its spelt that i wouldbt be able to have children but when i was 20 i fell pregnant with my son then when my son was 4 months old i fell pregnant with my little girl i was so happy that i was able to have these two beautiful children considering i was told i wouldnt be able to have children. my little boy is a healthy 21 month old and my little girl is also a healthy 8 month old.

family pack

anyone know how i can claim family bounty pack as ive lost voucher :-(

steralisation reversal

my sister had her steralisation revered a year ago and has been trying to conceieve since . it isnt clear when she ovulates as she only seems to have a 4 day period do you have any advice

steralisation reversal

my sister had her steralisation revered a year ago and has been trying to conceieve since . it isnt clear when she ovulates as she only seems to have a 4 day period do you have any advice

Hi I an 26 and have a 6th old

Hi I an 26 and have a 6th old boy with my ex partner I got in a new relationship and we wanted a baby together, we was trying for about a year and we thought my partner had low sperm count so we went to the doctors but he didn't have it checked because he was scared off what the outcome would be! We stopped trying for a baby and just enjoyed it again a few months later I was pregnant and gave birth to another boy born Xmas day our little miracle! What I'm trying to say is stop trying so hard it will happen when you least expect it....

been trying

me and my boyfriend have been trying for about 4 mouths plaese can anyone help thanks xxxxx

polycystic ovaries

hi im 22 and been told i have polycystic ovaries me and my partner have been tryin for a baby for 2 years...he already has two kids so dont think the problem lies with him...any suggestions??


hi i am 23 years old and my husband is 25 years old. I became pregnant when we weren't trying for a baby but miscarried at 6 weeks. Since then we have been trying again but no luck for 3 months now. Any suggestions?

hi there i have all ready got

hi there i have all ready got 4 kids with my bf but i want another baby but in the last 19 months i have had 3 misscarridges can i still get pregnant coz i carryed my 4 ok but the 3 i lost its been a nite mare x

18 months bin and gone but still not pregnent

hi im 24 and my partner is 31 i have a 4 year old boy and my partner has an 8 year old girl. we have bin havin unprotected sex since june 2010 and still no sign of pregnancy we have both bin docters but there is nothin wrong with us they said. we want 1 child together.
why aint i falling pregnant? please help us.
r we trying to hard my periods r on 1st every month last 4 days we have sex everyday 2-3 times but nothing is happening please help.......

3 miscarridges can i still have a baby!!!!

hi i am 32 and my partner is 30 i have had twins boys and a girl and my partner has got 2 boys the thing is i have had 3 misscarriages one was late in the pregnancy 22 weeks and the other 2 were about 8 weeks is there something wrong with me? why cant we seem to have a child together i know we have 5 between us but we really want 1 child together!


Hi I ad a misscarrage in july and was wundering if I can still conseive we have been havin unprotected sex since and they still no sign :(

Good luck

On our first cycle of trying. There is so much info out there and don't know where to look.

trying to conceive

im 30 years old with a daughter age 9...im finally wanting to try for another baby i came of the mini pill 2nd october and have been having unprotected sex since...i had a perfect pregnancy with my daughter but since having her a few years after i had a molar pregnancy then 5 years ago i had a miscarriage...so im now thinking the worst actually wondering if it is possible for me to concieve and have a healthy baby...how soon after coming off the mini pill will it take me? as i dont think im pregnant this month will i go on to have a healthy baby again :(

getting started!

wish me luck!! It's the first time we are trying and I am getting so confused about the ovulation times, each website has slightly different dates.
I think I will stick to these dates and have fun!

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