Ovulation kits

ovulation kits

Ovulation kits (also known as ovulation predictor kits) offer an accurate way to pinpoint when you are about to ovulate. This means you can time sex to coincide with your most fertile days each month.

How do ovulation kits work?

Most ovulation kits working by detecting a hormone called luteinising hormone (LH) in your urine. Levels of this hormone rise steeply about two days before you ovulate and an ovulation kit can detect this peak. Having sex during these days should give you the best possible chance of conceiving.

What are the advantages?

Some women find it helpful to pinpoint when they are ovulating so that they can time sex accordingly. This can be helpful if, for example, you can’t have regular sex with your partner throughout your cycle perhaps because one of you works away from home a lot. Or maybe you have been trying for a baby for a while and want to understand your cycle better.

What are the disadvantages?

Lots of fertility experts warn against getting too obsessed with your fertile period. It can take the fun out of sex and put unnecessary pressure on you and your partner.
One solution is to use ovulation kits for a few months to get a clearer idea of when you are fertile, then carry on as you were before.

How do I use one?

Ovulation kits vary slightly, but most come with a dipstick that you can either hold in the flow of urine as you wee or dip into a clean pot containing fresh urine. The instructions will tell you what a positive result looks like – it could be a line or a smiley face, for example. The result will take just a few minutes to appear.

It would be expensive to test throughout your cycle so it’s best just to test in the five or so days leading up to ovulation, when your LH levels are most likely to be rising. Try to test at the same time each day if you can.

You can also buy digital fertility monitors that detect rising levels of oestrogen prior to ovulation as well as LH. This means you can pinpoint up to six fertile days rather than just two.

When should I start testing?

First, it’s a good idea to keep a note of your cycle for a couple of months before you buy kits. You’ll normally ovulate about 14 days before your next period. You’ll need to start testing about five days before this. If you’re not sure when you are likely to ovulate, try testing from about day 10. You can then start testing later or earlier in your next cycle according to the first set of results you get.

Where can I get an ovulation kit?

Ovulation kits are available over the counter from chemists and supermarkets, and online.


Getting pregnant

I am 37 in 2weeks,have 4 children ages 9,8,6&2.Ihave been trying for a baby now for 15months,and nothing is working.I have been using clearblue,ovulation kits for 3mths and nothing.I had no problem falling with my others,has anyone got any advice for me,am really worried.

struggling to get pregnant.

I have 4 children, 9, 8,6 &2,i have been trying for a baby for 16months,and am not falling,i didnt have to try with any of my others,i have been usin ovulation kits for 3months and nothing.am worried it wont happen am 37 in 2weeks,could i be to old.please has anyone got any advice,am really worried.

trying so hard

someone please please help me ive beenin trying to get preganant for just over 2 years now and still nuffin ive beein doin ovulatione test buh keeps sayin im not is there any were on here i could ovulation test sent to me i can not afford them all time i dont work and find it hard to buy the ovulateion test please replie

I dont seem to be get pregnant

I have been trying now for 9 months now but have had no joy. This will be my first baby if I can get pregnant and im 39 years old any advice please

can't seem to get pregnant?

myself and my partner have been trying for three yrs now, and nothings happened, i, myself have had two girls, which are now 12yrs-7y'rs, i'm now 35, and i'm scared if i'm too old to concieve, please , can anyone offer any good comments xx

trying for baby

me and my bf have being trying for a baby for about 2 year now and i when to the doctors and they give me tables. so i have being taking them but i have took them and i am still not getting preg. i donno what to do next

Hi I'm trying so hard to get

Hi I'm trying so hard to get pregnant I had my implant out febuarary time late time and I still don't seem to be conceiving we constantly seem to be having regular intercourse and I'm getting slight periods I'm worried the implants affected my body and I won't be able to have children what should I do?

Trying for my 3rd child

I have been trying for my third child for six moths now. I just started my period so in 14 days i should be fertile. Me and my partner would try on the 12th day up to the 16th day past my period.
I just pray that in the next 16 days that it works and that i am with child.

trying for baby

me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby for the last year but still no luck at all, i have lost 6 babies was 8 weeks gone with all and twins at 6 weeks and i had a ectopic 7 years ago took me 2 years later to get pregnent with my soon thats five soon can some one help


Me and my partner have been trying for just under a year and in oct last year unfortunatly miscarried very early stages n nothings happened since! I'm really worried I can't concieve or I'm never going to be able to give him the one thing other then me he's always wanted! HELP..

fineding it really hard

We have been haveing sex non stop for the past 4 months and nothing is happoning and I carnt talk it anymore what should I do.

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Mums view

Once my husband and I had decided we were ready to start trying for a baby, I went completely overboard.  I bought the books, filled out spreadsheets, drank lots of water, walked up a mountain every day, and stocked up the bathroom cabinet with an infinite supply of pregnancy tests and ovulation kits.

I remember the first morning that the smiley face appeared on the ovulation test – this meant I was ovulating – I was thrilled!  I walked around with a spring in my step for the rest of the day – I may not be pregnant, but I was ovulating!  This simple little smiley face made me feel like a woman, and that we were possibly on our way to having a baby.

My husband works from home, and so during this ovulation period, I would barge into his office every couple of hours and drag him upstairs, waving the ovulation test stick in front of his face.

For me (being someone who was told by consultants that my fertility was severely reduced), using the ovulation kit was a positive experience and I felt it was all part of the journey.  I was lucky enough to get pregnant almost straight away, and who knows, maybe the ovulation test helped us on our way.