Signs of ovulation

signs of ovulation

What is ovulation?

Ovulation is when one of your ovaries releases an egg. The egg starts ripening in your ovary at the start of your menstrual cycle, and when it’s ripe it is released into one of your fallopian tubes.

This usually happens about 14 days before your next period. So if your cycle is 28 days long you will ovulate around day 14, and if it’s 30 days long you will ovulate around day 16.

How can I tell if I’m ovulating?

Some women find it easier to spot ovulation symptoms than others. Signs to watch out for include:

Thinner cervical mucus and more of it: As ovulation approaches, rising levels of oestrogen increase the amount of cervical mucus you produce and make it thinner and stretchier. Just before ovulation it will change from white or creamy coloured to become thin, watery and transparent, rather like egg white. Sperm can happily live in this slippery fertile mucus for 72 hours or more.

Pain in your tummy: Some women experience mild pain when they ovulate. This will usually be on one side of your lower back or abdomen. This varies for each woman and can feel like a dull ache through to a stabbing pain.

Changes in your cervix: Around the time of ovulation, the feel and position of your cervix changes. Instead of feeling hard, closed and dry it feels soft, open and wet. It also feels higher inside your vagina.

Tenderness in your breasts: High levels of oestrogen just before ovulation may make your breasts feel tender or tingly.

Spotting: A few women have spotting or light bleeding when they ovulate. This is caused by the effects of dropping oestrogen levels on the lining of your womb.

Other ways to detect ovulation

You can also pinpoint when you ovulate by using an ovulation kit. These can detect the surge in luteinising hormone (LH) just before you ovulate.

Your temperature rises by roughly 0.5oC just after you ovulate. Charting your temperature over several cycles can help to give you a clearer picture of when your fertile days are.

To do this, you will need to use a special thermometer called a basal body temperature thermometer. These are available from most chemists and online. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Knowing when you are at your most fertile can increase your chances of getting pregnant.


Ttc number 2

Hi I had my 1st 3 yrs ago been off the pill for 2 years and nothing. It took 5years to fall for my first but I thought it would have kick started my body. Ive tried ovulation sticks as this worked the first time but nothing is happening. Anyone in the same boat or haave any advice I dont want my son to b an only child


I have never bothered with ovulation kits , just had sex every day. Then you know your not going to miss ovulation. It wasn't a chore at all, keep it fun and have sex everyday

please read

ive bin trying to cobceive since i had my implanon removed at begging of january but i still have not had a period is anyone in same situation?? how long did ut take for your pefiod to come bk??? is they anything doctors can prescribe to help??


I have started preparing my body for baby number 2, but we dont really plan to start ttc until May. at the moment im taking pregnacare and agnus cactus tablets from holland and barrett after i was reccomended them to boost fertility.

help trying to concieve

hi there all ive been trying for a baby for two years now and being doing ovulation tests and there all saying im not i dont under stand ovulation that well i mean wot dates i shud be ovulatein like im due my period either the 18th oct or the 20th wen shud i be ovulateing please help guy im so dpressed rite now as i want baby so much

one ovary

when can one spot ovulation


i have been having pains in the left hand side and it goes all the way round to my lower back..does this mean i am ovulating??? we have only been trying for a few weeks and my last period was 5 weeks ago!!!

i dont no when it is the right time

hi i have been trying for a baby for 5 years ive had help of my gynocoligist but still no joy i had a opperation on my tubes and he gave me a year to get pregnant and no joy. ive tried it when i get cramps for months but still nout could anybody help me (sugestions) be gratefull xx


I've started recording my cycle since February. My cycle has jumped from 28 days to 39! I introduced Cassava yams and processed dairy products, since I've read these can increase fertility. Someone told me that this change means I'm hyper-ovulationg. Is this true?


im 26 ive got 3 children but found out resently ive got polacistic ovary but im 5 days late this mouth could i be pregnant? as weve been trying 4 a baby

I dont have regular periods I

I dont have regular periods I have a daughter and have been prenant before so this means im fertile but does it mean its harder to get prenant


can someone please help,im trying for a girl and having problems knowing when im ovulating as I have had 2 periods in month of october,tests are not showing much,

ovulation cramps

i had a positive ovulation test this morning, and the cramps started on the left side this afternoon, does that meant the egg is getting ready to release or that it has released? im timing to try and have a girl and i want to know if there is a way of knowing exactly when the egg is released?

ovulation sickness

I don't know if this is strange but during ovulation I often suffer from nausia. I have had 2 babies and can only describe it as a mild version of morning sickness. Not very helpful to be feeling sick when wanting to get pregnant! Must be hormonal?

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Having done my research, I knew that I could expect to be ovulating between 10 and 16 days after the start of my period but before I started trying to conceive, I had never stopped to observe my own body's behaviour at this point of the month.

Once I started trying for a baby I realised that the gentle stomach pain I experienced each month was most likely an indicator that I was ovulating; it feels like a mild period pain and is called the 'Mittelschmerz'. I also noticed that my vaginal discharge was always thicker and more noticeable at this time. Knowing the way that your own body behaves is a great step towards conception and if you can really tune into the changes that your body makes throughout the month you may not need to invest in monitors for saliva or body temperature.

The main change in my body (that really made me smile when it dawned on me) was an increased desire for sex. When I thought hard, it became incredibly obvious that I was much more interested in sex during the middle of the month (and totally uninterested in the days before and after my period!)