Stopping contraception

Now that you’ve decided to have a baby, you’re probably keen to get on with it! Hang on a minute, though. You may need to put a little thought into how best to stop your contraception first.

With some forms of contraception, such as condoms and the cap, you can just leave them in the drawer and get on with making a baby. But stopping other forms, such as the Pill or contraceptive injection, needs a little more planning. It’s not that they will harm your baby in any way. It’s more that allowing yourself time to have at least one proper period will help your doctor or midwife to calculate an accurate due date for you.

It may take a little time for your fertility to return with some forms of contraception, too. Read on to discover how long that’s likely to be and also how long-term hormonal contraception can be reversed.

Coming off the pill

How long does it take to get pregnant after coming off the pill? Your guide to what to expect when you stop taking the pill

Coming off the coil

After your coil has been taken out, you should be able to conceive straight away – but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Getting pregnant after contraceptive implants or injections

After removing or ceasing to take both these sorts of long-term contraception, your fertility will return to normal – but if you’ve been using the contraceptive injection, it’ll take quite a while.

Making babies after the Mirena

After having your Mirena taken out, your fertility should return to normal straight away.