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1-minute guide to Energy switching & saving

DON"T LOSE MONEY! Energy prices are rising by 10% AND MORE this autumn – make sure you get onto the best fixed rates now

Call this number 0800 088 6973 or use the postcode box below and switch  it takes 10 minutes, it’s REALLY easy and you're never without energy
Save an average of £211 by changing your energy supplier – we don't know ANYONE who hasn't SAVED MONEY

There are also many quick and easy ways to save even more by using less energy without sacrificing warmth and comfort

And you can see Sarah talking about just HOW EASY switching is on Sky Sunrise


The best fixed rate deals

A fixed rate deal will protect you from price hikes until the deal ends. These are the best in Market right now:


Tariff Name

Fixed until 

Ave. Bill 

Ave. Saving*

first:   utility

iSave   fixed v14 July 2015

31st   July 2015



Green   Star Energy

No   Worries Fixed 24 Months 1311

for 24   months



The   Co-op

Fixed   Price July 2015

31st   July 2015




You can call UK Power on 0800 088 6973 to find the best deal for you

Table based on medium usage of 3,200kwh Electric and 13,500kwh Gas per annum.  

* Compared to an average bill of £1,283 per annum 



Need to know

  • Changing your energy is quick and simple.  Grab your bill and spend 10 minutes talking to a energy comparison site. They will find the best deals for you depending on your usage AND sort out the actual switch for you.  We don't know a single person who hasn't saved LOTS of money doing this
  • If you can’t find your bill, phone your current provider and ask how much you currently pay per unit for electricity and gas, and how much you use each year. You will need these to get the best deal for you
  • If you RENT your property you can still SWITCH and SAVE MONEY. Just check with your landlord first
  • Save even more by reducing the amount of energy you use – see below 
  • Don't assume having your gas and electricity with the SAME supplier is cheaper.  It's often cheaper to do it seperately

Compare gas & electric suppliers

  • To find out if you could save money by switching. Type in your post code here and you will be taken straight to the start of the switching process on the UKPower website. Less than 5 minutes later you'll have your answer. It's worth checking out


We value your privacy, please see our partners privacy policy


How to get the best deal

Let's Save Some Money Compares...

check this out

Why we like it:

  • very simple switching process
  • easy to compare single switch electricity and gas with a dual fuel switch
  • recommend a friend for £20
  • call 0800 088 6973 free from your landline

Watch out:

  • opening times of call centres - mon–thurs: 9-8.30, Friday 9-5.30, Saturday 10-4, Sunday SHUT

What happens next

check this out


check this out

Why we like it:

  • simple to use
  • you can phone them
  • you can send them your bill to find a better deal
  • often offer incentives to switch like free wine or cash back
  • recommend a friend for £20

Watch out:

  • you need exact usage to get most accurate savings

What happens next

check this out

Energy Helpline

check this out

Why we like it:

  • offers £15 cash back per switch
  • £30 cashback for separate gas and electricity

Watch out:

  • you need exact usage to get most accurate savings
  • have been slow in the past to make cashback payment

What happens next

check this out

Simply Switch

check this out

Why we like it:

  • offers £40 cashback if you switch

Watch out:

  • 'latest price updates' on website are very out of date
  • call centre hours are only 9-5.30pm, mon to fri
  • you need exact usage to get most accurate savings

What happens next

check this out

Quick & Easy ways to reduce your energy use

Find out how much energy you are using by getting an energy monitor, like the OWL CM160. This will help you learn which things use the most energy in your home. We were shocked to find a mini fridge was costing us £80 a year to run and we hardly used it!

Simple things can save energy & money

  • Use plug in LED Night lights rather than leaving expensive halogen lights on at night - SAVE £19 a year
  • You will be doing A LOT of washing but try and use the washing machine at 30°C. If you do have heavily soiled items, wash them together at a higher heat
  • Dry clothes on a line outside if you can rather than a tumble dryer - SAVE £15 over the summer
  • Use room and radiator thermostats and turn them down by one degree - SAVE £60 per year
  • Leaving TVs on standby is a HUGE waste of money.  Try and remember to switch everything off at night - SAVE up to £80 a year
  • A dripping hot water tap wastes energy and enough water to fill 2 children's baths!

The inside track

  • There are free solar panel schemes that will fit panels to your roof and you use the electricity for free. This can help if you are at home more using electricity during the day.  SAVE up to £176 a year
  • Insulating your home (Loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, and draught proofing) costs very little but will help keep your house warmer AND cut energy bills. SAVE up to £310 a year
  • Switching from normal to LED lightbulbs could save you a massive £350 a year!
  • Being energy efficient doesn’t just save money, it’s better for the environment too and therefore the world your kids will grow up in