Meet the experts

Meet the experts

Helping us to help you

We wouldn’t be able to give you such practical, up-to-date information, advice and guidance if it wasn’t for our panel of experts. They make sure that all the medical information is accurate, and they help shape our offline guides to give you handy reference book you can refer to again and again.

We’ve asked key experts in a range of the most vital medical fields to share their knowledge with us. They are all leading authorities in their area of expertise and we really value their input, helping us to help you through all the many changes you and your baby go through.

Sharon Broad RN, RM, IBCLC,
Midwife and breastfeeding consultant

30 years of midwifery experience have stood Sharon in good stead in becoming a breastfeeding consultant. As a mum and grandma, she's had plenty of first hand experience too. 'It's wonderful to see a mum suddenly click with breastfeeding; the pleasure on her face, and a contented, well-fed baby, really makes my day'.

Richard Smith MB, ChB, PhD, MRCOG,
Obstetrician and fetal medicine consultant

Richard specialises in high risk pregnancies and gets so much satisfaction from seeing new mums with healthy new babies. 'I'm proud to be involved with Bounty, to reach a wider network of mums with helpful advice and accurate information.'

Dr James Tooley
Dr James Tooley MBBS, MRCP, FRCPCH,
Neonatologist and paediatric consultant

James finds his field fascinating and loves the detective work required to help sick babies recover. The best aspect of his job though, is seeing happy, healthy families begin their life together. 'I wanted to get involved with Bounty to reach more parents, and help translate confusing information into easy-to-understand advice.'

Marti Van Der Linde
Marti Van Der Linde BSc RD,

Marti says, 'knowing that I help new babies develop into healthy adults, and help anxious mums enjoy motherhood to the full is so rewarding.' Marti has been a specialist paediatric dietician for five years and is more than qualified to give mums the up-to-date, safe advice they need on everything to do with nutrition.

Eileen Hayes
Eileen Hayes MBE, BSc, MSc,
Parenting consultant

Eileen is the perfect person to be our parenting consultant, partly because of her extensive training and work with key research experts, but also she's a mum of four. 'Family is the most important thing there is, and I'm delighted to work with Bounty to help parents with tried and tested ideas.'