Egg donor's part of Durr's family

Actor Jason Durr, best know for playing PC Mike Bradley in Heartbeat, has revealed that the egg donor who helped him and his wife have their twins will a have part in his family's life.

The actor in the former long-running rural drama series found Brooke when he and his wife Kate struggled to conceive a sibling for their seven year-old daughter Blossom.

The couple tried to conceive naturally and tried cycles of IVF, but neither worked. They then signed up to the US agency to find an "egg mummy" and found Brooke, who is a 28 year-old Californian and psychology graduate.

The couple told Hello! magazine that Brooke will be welcome to play a part in their family and they want their two-year-old twins, Velvet and Felix to meet another set of twins who were born from the same batch of embryos, but to another couple.

Brooke says her motivation to be an egg donor came from wanting to help couples conceive, rather than the money. She's been told that she can have regular contact with the twins, and says she loves them "not in a maternal way", but "as members of my family".

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