Kimberley Walsh says career came before a family

Kimberley Walsh has said that putting her career first has meant she now won’t be able to have a big family.

The pregnant Girls Aloud starlet has said that when she was at the top of her game she found it hard to turn down opportunities because she wanted to be financially secure when she eventually had a family.

‘We want to be indulgent in all these massive opportunities which come your way and soak it all up and I think the years fly by and then you are suddenly in your thirties,’ she told the Daily Mail.

‘Had I have been in a different career I may have settled down sooner and started a family sooner,’ she said.  

However, it seems Kimberley isn’t alone when it comes to have a baby in the later stages of life, with research finding that many of us are choosing to focus on our careers rather than settling down to have a family.

According to the stats the number of women over 40 having babies rose from 26,419 in 2008 to 29,994 in 2012 - doing the maths, this means that now one in 25 babies are born to mothers who have turned 40 – while around 20 percent of babies are born to women aged 35 or older. The stats claim that this is the highest number since records began in 1938.

It’s also claimed that only 23 percent of births were to women aged under 25 in 2012 – a drop of almost half from the early 70s.  

However it wasn’t just work holding mums back with other factors such as finances and lifestyle also being cited. 



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