Newborns cry to stop parents from making another...

Thinking about giving your little one a new sibling? They may have other ideas…

According to a new survey by scientists at Harvard University, babies are programmed to get as much attention from their parents as possible. And by crying and keeping us up all night, it’s their way of tiring us out and keeping those bedroom antics (and chance of another baby) at bay.

And the study also backs up what midwives have claimed for years – that breastfeeding at night extends a mums post-birth infertility - (however we advise you don’t take this as the gospel truth unless you’re ready for another!) 

Author Professor David Haig told The Daily Mail: 'More frequent and more intense nursing, especially at night, [is] associated with prolonged infertility.’ 

He claimed this was down to ‘natural selection’ and a way for them to ‘suppress ovarian function in the mothers’ because infants have benefited from delay of the next birth. 

We’re not quite sure if we’re quite on the same page as this new research but any excuse for why our little ones keep us awake all night is good enough for us!

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